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i have a problem…

i bought the old GW presents… chaos dwarf army book, for the fluff and background… problem is… now im hooked on bighats!!!

i have the following in FW CDs and am looking to trade them for similar amount of bighats…

Sorceror Prophet


castallan BsB


30 shield and axe Infernal Guard

full command

magma cannon

please say there is someone who wants to trade, please!!


or sell for cash offer

Fuggit Khan:

i have a problem...

i bought the old GW presents... chaos dwarf army book, for the fluff and background... problem is... now im hooked on bighats!!!!

Hooked on Big Hats? That does not sound like a problem to me, but rather a wayward soul who has been shown the true path.
Apologies to all my helms/mask friends ;)

I have no FW stuff to trade to you...but I will donate some slaves to you in honor of your Big Hat enlightenment :cheers


i am more than willing to ‘invest’ in them now i have seen their true beauty…

just want to move on my other style first… if i cant find a trade/sale ill go against better judgement and stick with helms…

anyway… heres hoping!


Have you considered the Russian Alternative?


I require all GW as i plan on using them in store and at tournaments… :frowning:


Now and then there`s an army for sale with the GW big hats, I bought a small one, too. If I find one I will send you the link.


I have some Bighats lying around that could be part of a trade.

I have:



Taurus+rider (Missing banner)


Sorceror (Missing Banner)

The cool guy with the axe in the ground (Missing Banner)


17 plastic axemen

3 metal command model for said axemen


1 earthshaker (Missing crank+banner)

1 earthshaker (Missing banner and a dublicate in the crew)

If anything has interest, please let me know.

I myself am interested in:

30 shield and axe Infernal Guard

Full Command

Sorceror Prophet



And I would like to see a picture of the Castellan BSB, as I cant find any FW model.


I think i may have now sourced a trade for these models, pending the end of the month and receiving an itinerary from him i should be getting some big hats. So thank you for the replies but at the moment… these are on hold!

For interest, the BSB is a conversion and is here… (this picture is still a little WIP)


Nice. If you still need a trade later, give me a PM


Nice one, and very nice freehand on that banner


i promised i would give this guy till the end of the month…

for intetest though, wiuld you please

a, tell me the country you are in

b, provide me with pictures


a: I’m from Denmark, so the shipment between would be rather expensive sadly

b: pictures will follow if your current trader is backing out. No reason for me to take pictures for a deal that will most likely not be a reality :wink:


ok… PMd you

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