[Archive] H: ForgeWorld Taur'Ruk, Bull Centaur Renders, Infernal Guard with Command W: 20% Off!


I have the following Forgeworld Chaos Dwarf models up for sale via Paypal, pics below:

2 Bull Centaur Taur’Ruks

2 units of Bull Centaur Renders

1 unit of Infernal Guard with Fireglaives (10)

1 set of Infernal Guard Command

Retail is 30 pounds apiece for the Taur’Ruks, 56.5 pounds apiece for the Bull Centaur Renders units, 37 pounds for the Infernal Guard , and 16.5 pounds for the Infernal Guard Command. For a total of: 226.5 pounds retail (about $380).

I’m selling it in 3 lots at a whopping 20% off (which is very rare for Forgeworld, as you cannot buy it at a discount). Please add $5 towards shipping in the US, which will include delivery confirmation.

Lot 1 - $115

1 Bull Centaur Taur’Ruk and 3 Bull Centaur Renders

Lot 2 - $115

1 Bull Centaur Taur’Ruk and 3 Bull Centaur Renders

Lot 3 - $70

10 Infernal Guard with Fireglaives, 3 Fireglaive Command models

Everything is totally new in packaging except the Infernal Guard, of which I took a few out and clipped a few bit to test fit. Nothing has been assembled. On these I did note that 1 fireglaive gun was broken in two, but as these all come with original packaging it will be extremely easy to ask Forgeworld for a replacement of any bits that you are not 100% satisfied with, as their policies are excellent.

Here are the pics!

Group shot:

Lot 1:

Lot 2:

Lot 3:


Where are you located? Id be tempted by one of the BC lots depending on postage to the UK.


He’s in the US. :slight_smile:

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Grim is right =)

I’d ship to the UK for $12.50. It will likely cost slightly more but I’d cover the difference. PM me if interested, one lot of BC’s is pending already!


Is this still for sale? Sorry for thread necromancy