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It’s becoming increasingly obvious that given 10 lifetimes I’m just not going to get around to painting some of the stuff I have.  As a result I’m looking to hopefully trade some things to a good home rather than flogging it on ebay to see it immediately re-listed with some ridiculous BIN price.  Anyway as part 1 of the clearout I’m looking to down size my hobgoblin masses.  

Specifically I’m looking to get rid of 12 hobgoblins with hand weapons (as shown)


Note 11 are fine, the one in the bottom left hand corner has a casting error (no top to his hat - you can see it in the picture).  Should be an easy enough repair but please be aware of this.

and 9 sneaky gits, 8 never painted, one badly painted!  Can post pictures if required

In return I’d ideally like to trade rather than take payment.  Generally anything of the WHFB 3rd edition oeuvre would be good but specifically I’m looking to add to my nostalgia led undead, dark elf or orc and goblin collections from those eras.

PM or post if anything takes your fancy.





I’m interested in those hobgoblin warriors and those sneaky gitz. What price do you have in mind? Because I dont have anything for trade.

By the way, I found some classic undead stuff on a dutch trading site. Maybe something for you :wink:

Best Regards,


Blue in VT:

Any interest in wood elves from the 3rd?



Thank you for the Replies.

Please note HW Hobgoblins have been reserved for now. Sneaky Gits remain available.

drakkzharr: Thank you for the offer. As I said I’d prefer to trade and have a couple of offers so will pursue those first. Should they all fall through then I’ll PM you. And thanks for the links to the dutch sites (that phrase sounds very dodgy!) alhtough I think my inability to speak dutch may hamper any crafty bidding.

Blue: I’ve sent you a PM.