[Archive] H: Loads of things, incl small 3rd ed army, prev ed dwarfs, lotr etc W: �,�150


Hey all,

I’m giving this one more go before I am throwing all this (listed below) on ebay.

Seeing as I want to sell it quick, I’d prefer selling it as a whole. It is a metric ton of stuff basicly, so shipping might be a bit pricy, but seeing as the rest isn’t, I guess one could say it’s a fair deal.

I would like to have 150 euros for all of this, and to help you consider, I’ll even do the maths for you.

There is about 30ish 3rd ed chaos dwarfs in here. Saying you’d grab a good deal on the web, paying 5 pop each, that already totals to 150 bucks. And then there is also all the other stuff (metal Anvil of doom, prev ed, etc etc). I just want to part with this and see it go to someone who has a passion for this hobby, that is why I’d rather sell here than on the old EvilBay.

D3 chaos dwarfs

Durgal Deathdealer  (Axe 3) unpainted

Kirgund Widowmaker (Sword 5) unpainted

Carazad Spiketail  (Mace 9) unpainted

Barin Aardnose* unpainted

Kaaos Armahand  (Axe 11) unpainted

Telegrim Flamebeard - unpainted

Ekalim The Mad - unpainted

Barin Spikehead (Mace 11)* painted

Radblast The Reaver (Mace 10) - painted

Grimdur Gutwrencher (sword  3) �?" painted

C16 chaos dwarfs

Lufin Bristlebeard (Hammer 2) - unpainted

Baldrick Backbreaker (Mace 7) - unpainted

Scarsol Smashskull  (Axe 7) - unpainted

Jabbertooth Eyesplinter - unpainted

Hairy Hengist Horse-eater (Axe 10) �?" unpainted


Doomaxe the Dreaded - variant - unpainted

Pulper Spikehead - variant - painted

Khazek Doomlord - unpainted

Drum & Drone Ulsen - painted

Foaming Mad Furrikson - painted

Mad Marik Trollbiter �?" painted

Crossbows, all with the plastic crossbow (unattached)

Crossbow 1 - unpainted

Crossbow 3 - unpainted

Crossbow 5 - unpainted

Crossbow 6 �?" unpainted


2a - unpainted

2d - painted

4c - primed black

Other Chaos Dwarf models

The Black Dwarf - painted

Chaos Ninja Zombie Dwarf - unpainted

Chaos Dwarf beastmaster - unpainted

2nd ed bloodbowl Player 3 �?" unpainted

Previous edition dwarfs

Unsorted bunch, including

Metal Gyrocopter

Two metal boltthrowers

A few slayers (including two doomseekers and the slayer on the black orc)

The metal anvil of doom (the circular one) with forge and guys

12-ish metal thunderers + command, mostly painted

8-ish metal miners + command, mostly painted

Odd figurines, I think a longbeard command, iron breaker command, and some random other stuff.


Metric crapload of random sprues and models, from LotR to warhammer 40k. Includes:

Tomb Kings (not exactly sure what everything is, as I got this from my brother).

One of those big scorpions

1 ushabiti, no weapon

1 carrion, head probably missing

6 or so Tomb Guards, metal

Horse regiment

Archer regiment

A couple of hero models, including Army BSB, Tomb King Setra, some undead woman

That altar with the heap of bones around it.

Dark elves (also got these from my brother, so again, not really a clue):

Includes a few of those guys on dinosaurs, a chariot (slightly damaged/parts missing I think), a woman on a flying horse and a bunch of those assassin like dudes.

Chaos Space Marines (same story as DE and TK):

Most notably: a tank

A few odd metal figurines and part of a khorne berzerker regiment

Dwarfs, pretty much all previous edition:

Bolt throwers, 2, metal. Might have some conversion work done on one or two crew.

Metal gyrocopter

A few plastic regiments, incl BFSP models (which for obvious reasons have been partially used for conversions to CDs).

Regiment Thunderers, metal including command

Half regiment with command Miners, metal

Odd bunch of Slayers including command

Anvil of Doom, metal

Empire and Necron were silly projects of me, which I never really finished, so that would probably be mostly some sprue or random miniatures here and there.

Lord of the Rings:

Bunch of orcs, uruk hai, rohan, gondor, hobbits, and I think all fellowship heroes and some evil heroes too, it’s filling up a small box in my shelves.

Sprues from all listed armies, including some random bits here and here as well, I’ve got a big bag full of stuff so there might be something in there that is to everyones liking!


I’m sorry that I can’t help you anymore than I already have.

Pyro Stick:

What Tomb King stuff do you have?


Tomb kings: older stuff, mostly plastic but also some metal heroes and I might also have that altar with the skulls and stuff lying around!


I’m sooo tempted… but I really shouldn’t buy any more models… :expressionless:


Well, for you postage wouldn’t be as high as it is for the international buyers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Updated original post with a short description of the ‘Other’ stuff. Still hoping to sell it as a lot, preferably!


Still for sale, didn’t get to selling on ebay yet. Price lowered, everything in the original post for 150 euros!

Please PM for photos. I will try to take them ASAP, but seeing as all the stuff is at my old house, it might take me a few days to get you the pictures you want.

Prefer selling it as a lot, but individual offers are welcome!



PM’ed about the whole lot


will pm you.

PS: aaahh, Bloodbeard was faster.


Yes I was. :hat off

And I would like to consider it all very much reserved. :smiley:


Everything sold, thanks for the interest all!


Just to be sure: Are there some empire and necron stuff in there as well?


Will look through the crossbows this evening, perhaps I really am missing some there.