[Archive] H: Lots of OOP Rogue Trader and Fantasy minis, W : misc


What I have to trade:

RT Space Marines:

Land speeder, partially disassembled:

Space Orks:

Goblins (handful of these already traded):



MM15 Dwarf spearman and C11 Halfling:

Dwarf elder and C46 Townsfolk servant with boar:

Empire handgunners:

Empire footsoldiers and MM15 Dwarf (gnome/beastman gone):

Marauder ogre:

What I want:


Inquisitors from the 1989 Forces of the Imperium range:
072117 - Forces of the Imperium
072117 - Forces of the Imperium
Mordheim Averlanders
Pre-1992 RT Plaguemarines/Nurgle renegades
RT (metal) Squats
Marauder MM60 fighters
Marauder MM15 greatsword and handgunner
Pre-bighat Citadel/Marauder chaos dwarfs
1989 Skaven jezzail teams


Various RT-era chaos renegades
RT (metal) Imperial Guard
RT Predator and Land Raider
Pre-'92 Nurgle models Great Unclean One and Plaguebearers
BC7 Heroic Fighters
Metal Orc boar boyz
Orc/goblin Man Mangler war machine
Goblin wolfriders or Battle chariot
Space Ork dreadnought (long-leg 4-arm version)
Space Ork Freebooter Chaos champion or Genestealer hybrid

New stuff:
Forge World Mk II and III space marine armour variants