[Archive] H: Misc Plastic and Metal CD, W:$


UPDATE: Transaction pending on everything.
I have a few random pieces I’ve picked up here and there that don’t fit in my army and need a home. I figured I’d offer them up to the CDO community before the head to ebay.

I’ve got 8 plastic chaos dwarfs. One metal Blunderbuss CD, a metal Musician CD, and a one of the metal Marauder dwarfs.

For the plastic CD, I’m selling them for $2.50 a piece or $15 for all eight.

For the metal minis I’d like $4 a piece.

Shipping is $2.

All the prices are below the going rates on ebay (those prices are stupid). These I think are reasonable.



I’d be interested in the Muso and Metal Warrior



Sorry someone PM’ed me interested in everything. If it falls through I’ll let you know.