[Archive] H: OOP metal daemons and other stuff W: Big hats or cash

Time of Madness:

Hi there,

Attempting to thin out my massive collection of metal models. Here is what I have dug up first.

This stuff will eventually end up on ebay, whenever I get around to taking pictures and putting it up there. If you want a picture of anything below let me know, thanks.



- 3 Metal Flamers (mint in box)

- 9 Metal Flamers (bare metal)

- 10 Metal Horrors (mint in box)

- 10 Metal Horrors well painted

- 73 Metal Horrors (bare metal)

- 3 Broken metal Horrors (bare metal)

So in total that is 12 metal flamers and 96 metal horrors. I should mention these are the most recent oop metal models that came out prior to the finecast flamers and plastic horrors.


- 18 Skeleton Archers (assembled well)

- 4 Chariots (assembled well)

- Bunch of extra resin desert king bases. These models come based on resin bases with matching movement trays.


- 3 OOP metal snotling pump wagons

- 1 Current metal snotling pump wagon

- Bunch of extra oop and current snotlings including some rares/limited edition ones


- Cash via paypal $$$

- Also looking for certain oop big hat chaos dwarfs, mainly metal warriors and hobgoblins. If you have any big hats let me know, I’m also willing to buy them.

Time of Madness

Time of Madness:

Most of this stuff is on the way to ebay this weekend. Any interest before it hits fleabay?

Time of Madness