[Archive] H; OOP Minotaurs W: Dwarves


The new Man-Cows are $45 for 3 figs. I think the just OOP metal Minotaurs are much cooler, but i dont have time for another army.

I will sell 6 Minotaurs for the same price as 3 plastic ones. Some are bare, some have light paint, they will be unassembled to ship easier.

I have at least 24 Minotaurs.

I will trade 12 for a Battalions worth of Dwarves. (unpainted, prefer unassembled)

I am interested in almost any Dwarves(unpainted). Let me know what you have.


I also have:

Memoir 44 - basic set

Last Night on Earth - zombie attack game

Battle Lore - basic game, an extra set of figures from the main game, lots of supplements - large lot must go together!!

dwarven battlion, scottish wars, goblin skirmishers,goblin marauders, call to arms, epic, 100 years war

Arcane Legions- main set & 2 boosters

Marine Codex

Space Wolf Codex

Eldar Codex


USA please.