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[align=center]Got a brand new list of stuff to part with!

Prices negotiable.

Buyer pays for shipping.

Will ship internationally.

Based in the USA; price in USD.

Paypal payments only please.

You can pm offer or ask for price and I’ll quote ya one and we can go from there.

I have great references on eBay under Carlos*mbc and Bartertown under Frenchyakamd.[/align]


Current ed. High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer and the Throne of Power (primed): $30

OOP Thorgrim and Throne of Power: $20

OOP Anvil of Doom (only 1 guard is painted, rest is stripped): $20

King Alrik/Lord on Shieldbearers (painted): $15

OOP Longbeards- 1x LB1, 2x LB3, 2x LB4, 2x LB5, 1x LB6, 1x LB7: $4/each

13 x OOP metal Longbeards (no bases): $3/each

10 x OOP metal Longbeards NIB: $40

2nd Edition Bugman’s Rangers/“Brewers” (no bases) - 18 Rangers/Brewers: $4/each

Bugman, Standard Bearer and Musician: $5/each

Whole Set for $80

8 x OOP metal Bugman’s Rangers (no bases): $3/each,  1 x Ranger Standard Bearer (broken/no base): $1

2 x OOP MM10/6 Musician: $4/each

OOP Marauder Slayers - 1x 88092/9, 1x 88092/10, 3x 88091/1 (2 not completely stripped), 3x 88091/2: $3/each

Slayer King Ungrim Ironfist: $7

Slayer command models - 2x Standards, 1x musician: $2/each

Current METAL ed. Gyrocopter (Not finecast, and it has no flightstand/base): $18

OOP, ??th ed. Gyrocopter (mostly stripped, needs some re-gluing, no flightstand/base): $11



Dwarf with height complex

Chaos Dwarf lord pictured below

Will be updated in the next couple days with more: oop thunderers, DoW, Al-ulrik + more

Thanks for looking!


I’ll give you the stilt dwarf for 2 longbeards? Martin