[Archive] H:TK W:BfSP, CD, $$$


I have:

two units of 25 Skeletons with full command.

2 units of 10 skeleton archers

a liche priest on foot (the one pressing his foot on the skeleton rising from the sands)

and a fully assembled and pinned SSC.

A small number are painted (pics on request). Mostly assembled. I’ll include the bits I have too.

I want:

BfSP Dwarfs

Chaos Dwarfs (big hat variety)

Bull Centaurs


or Cash


how much are you looking for for the ssc?

this is not a guarentee of a sale but just interest :slight_smile: ha ha

my bursary came in you see and i might be able to indulge myself. need a treat after exams. and my tomb kings could do with a bit more fire power from behind the lines


If you want money, go E-Bay.