[Archive] H: Tomb Kings/Warlord Reptus/Blood Bowl/Knights of Legends Primarchs. W: Chaos Dwarfs


5 Kings ( one of each King on foot, the chariot King, two plastic Sphinx Kings) (no paint)
  7 Priests (three on foot, three mounted, of which one�?Ts staff has snapped off but is easily reparable, and a Gamezone Mummy Priest thing. I can�?Tt remember the name, but it�?Ts awesome and would make a wonderful Grand Hierophant Khatep). (no paint)
  19 metal Tomb Guards with full command group (painted)
  10 new, unassembled plastic Tomb Guards
  2 Tomb Scorpions (assembled, painted)
  4 metal Ushabti (three painted with one coat, one unpainted)
  3 Finecast Ushabti (semiassembled, no paint)
  4 metal Carrion (no paint)
  2 Bone Giants (one assembled, one unassembled, none painted)
  1 Casket of Souls (semiassembled, no paint)
  1 Screaming Skull Catapult (unassembled, no paint)
  2 Warsphinxes/Necrosphinxes (assembled, magnetized, no paint). I haven�?Tt magnetized the howdah/wings as I planned on using pins for that, which is much more feasible.
  14 Chariots (semiassembled, no paint, a few in need of minor touching up)
  Roughly 100 Skeletons in various states, about ¼ are unassembled, ¼ semiassembled, ½ assembled, painted and in need of a little repair
  A large bitz box with everything needed and much, much more to make the above shine.
Also for sale:

  Blood Bowl Pro Elf team (16 figures)
  Blood Bowl Khemri team (full team with OOP star player Ramtut III, if I recall his name correctly)  
PICTURES: http://s89.photobucket.com/albums/k220/StefDa/Tomb%20Kings%20for%20Sale/

I live in Denmark. Shipping cost details can be found here. If you need to know the weight of items you are interested in please let me know and I will weigh them for you. You can send offers here in the thread, in a PM or on e-mail if you like.

I will split the Tomb Kings up, but I prefer to sell the Blood Bowl teams individually.

If you are interested in Reaper's Wardlord's Reptus models, I have a shedload of them. Let me know and I'll sort them out and send you pictures.

Currently I'm only after Warhammer Forge Chaos Dwarfs (Infernal Guards, Infernal Guard commands, Dread Quake Mortar, Magma Cannon, Iron Daemon), so those are the only items I'm interested in in a trade, I'm afraid.

Kind regards,
Steffen F. W.


Da Crusha:

I might be interested in a trade, where are you located?


Oops, that’s quite an important tidbit to leave out… I’m in Denmark, but I can get a really good shipping price through work.


I just remembered, I’m also very interested in a Hellcannon and the Warhammer Forge Siege Giant.

If Forge World items are part of the deal I’ll make sure to be very generous if you’re interested in the whole Tomb Kings deal.


I updated the original post!