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I am getting out of the hobby for 40k and need to sell my Mantic Forgefathers army for warpath, I also used this for warhammer 40k squats. I used the imperial guard book the play them as the models are awesome.


By pitiers2004 at 2012-07-16

By pitiers2004 at 2012-07-16

By pitiers2004 at 2012-07-16

Comes with 50 Platoon soldiers

2 Jotunn Heavy Cannons still in package

10 Forgefather veterans

Converted Squat Commander

Squat Commando (I used as guardsman marbo)

3 heavy weapons Mortars

3 heavy weapons missile launchers

3 squat tank commanders

10 extra bases

I want 180.00 for the lot and will ship internationally. Pay pal only

Feel free to throw me offers.