[Archive] Hailshot blunderbuss ideas


I’ve been trying to think today of how I will make something that matches this description (rules and fluffwise).

From what I can find it seems that ‘hailshot’ is a way of describing a method of firing (firing so much material it falls like hail).

However, it doesn’t have to mean that the weapon is muzzle loaded (i.e. rammed down), it could be breech loaded by way of cartridges packed with small shot.

I know I discussed before how having a ‘multiple shot’ weapon could actually represent a repeater weapon, not that it’s the combined effect of having multiple ranks of models.

So what I’ve been thinking of doing is designing a 3 barrel pepperbox flintlock rifle that would be underslung.

Like this, but bigger and with a daemon shape on the end.

Thommy H:

Just to point out: a blunderbuss is by definition muzzle-loaded.


ive done something similar for a daemonsmith with a pistol,

i used a pistol from the avatars of war thunder lord, it has a dragon design and has 3 barrels with what looks like 3 individual triggers.



It seems technically it is not the firing effect that implies it’s muzzle loaded, but the musket part (because of the historical connection)

a short musket of wide bore with expanded muzzle to scatter shot, bullets, or slugs at close range.
Where muskets were traditionally muzzle loaded.  I’m sure someone could make a modern blunderbuss that is breech loaded.  

Anyhow, as I would be designing it I could do either.  I’m not that fussed either way tbh. :wink:

That AOW one is quite cool actually.


Like this, but 3 barrels with tapered ends and underslung

Thommy H:

It seems technically it is not the firing effect that implies it's muzzle loaded, but the musket part (because of the historical connection)
Well, the first sentence of Wikipedia's article on the weapon says it's a muzzle-loading firearm.


"The muzzle (and often the bore) was flared with the intent not only to increase the spread of the shot, but also to funnel powder and shot into the weapon, making it easier to reload on horseback or on a moving carriage; however, modern experiments have shown that the flared muzzle has no noticeable effect on shot spread."

So, in fact, the defining flared shape of a blunderbuss exists precisely because it's muzzle-loaded. Of course, this bit of information also renders the whole concept of the Chaos Dwarf blunderbuss moot, since apparently it didn't work that way in real life.

Anyway, your idea would essentially make blunderbusses into shotguns. That's really all a breach-loaded blunderbuss is.


shrugs.   Sure, muzzle or breach, whatever is best.

That is only really a small element of the concept, as all it would mean is that I won’t need to do a hinge underneath. :wink:

What do you think of the 3 barrels and the underslung part?

Thommy H:

Underslung makes sense. Again, that would make it look like a shotgun. I don’t see anything wrong with that, but obviously it gives it a very different character to the Renaissance and Napoleonic style firearms troops that Warhammer has already! Maybe that would look cool, but I think it would have to be part of a pretty cohesive steampunk aesthetic - i.e. high tech stuff all done with pre-20th Century tech.


I started putting together something like this to see if it works.


hmm, Im sure it would look fine from the front rank, But the 2nd and so on ranks would look alittle silly.

But i like them, Are these for your mini range Grim?


Yes. I’m sculpting 3 ‘blunderbuss’ armed models. This time with both arms fixed in place and just the gun separate.

So I need to come up with a design.

I’m thinking of doing 2 of the 3 as rear rankers (gun held across body, gun held at side pointing up) and the 3rd with the weapon down. So people could exclusively have the one above as a front ranker and mix and match the others in the 2nd/3rd rank. Or if I do it carefully they might be able to mix the one with the gun down into rear ranks.


Brilliant buddy, Nice to see your taking good care of these.

What would be good is 2 weapon options blunderbuss & a fireglave option, But saying that the fireglave couldn’t be under slung as it would be to heavy to fight with.


I’ve come up with a design now I’m happy with for an elite unit (need to finish designing the shoulder armour), these would be the guys to give a larger gun, great weapon and hand weapon and shield. A single multi-purpose elite unit.

The core warriors don’t need a fireglaive equivalent (as they can’t take it anyway), but I guess if people were looking for a cheap alternative to represent infernal guard they could use these…

Certainly an idea to think about.