[Archive] Hand of Hashut website?


Sorry if this is old news…

I dropped by Hand of Hashut, and it is all porn ads and such now. Was it abandoned and now this is the site that everyone gravitated to? I’ve no idea what happened. Maybe it was years ago.

Thanks for any info.


a couple of months ago, i got an e-mail from the admin of hoh tcolonna (and i guess so did every member) telling he wanted to pass on the site and was looking for successors… this makes me think he couldnt find anybody to carry on hoh and he must have scrapped it…


I noticed it slowly happening over the past year or so. Very unfortunate, really. There were some creative folks over there.


well to my knowledge xander felt cd’s Webern represented properly by HoH so he made this and it’s soooo much funner!!

fun times but this is better.


It’s been pretty much dead for over a year, and was dying for a couple of years before that. I don’t know if some people just didn’t want to move here or were completely unaware of our existence.


There were a couple of folks over at HoH who weren’t keen to make the move, but by and large after this site started HoH went into a downward spiral. That said, I was a member of both and very much enjoyed HoH in its heyday. After a while though all the good content gravitated here.


Wow, thats depressing :frowning:

Can’t they put the site out of it’s misery rather than allow all that spam crap?

Thommy H:

In fairness, porn is pretty awesome.

Pyro Stick:

Recently the spambots have just gotten out of control. It looks liek Harvestmouse (probably the last active admin/member has abandoned the site as well). I used to report the spam threads when there wasnt that many but now there is over 1000 spam threads. Im sure the site is still good for some reference threads so they should just disable new registrations, clear up the spam and just leave it.

Thommy H:

Not to denigrate Hand of Hashut and the people that made it a useful site back in the day, but even when CDO was in its infancy it was pretty clear which forum the smart money was on. Every other thread on that place - even when it was active - was whining and dumbasses asking the same questions about legality and so on. CDO was always light years ahead in terms of user-generated content.

So it’s a shame for the people that used but…yeah…every site has its day, and I don’t feel like this is some huge loss to the Chaos Dwarf community. I mean, did anyone even notice?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

That’s true. I started off at HoH too and to my recollection was invited by Xander to have a go at the new CDO website after just a couple of weeks. I always felt CDO is much more accessible and the community was so much more light hearted and energetic here from the very beginning.


It’s sad that HoH had to end this way, there are some nice creations and things on there.

Fricking spambots.

Hashut’s Blessing:

HoH is what gave rise to The Grand alliance, the website that ultimately was the father of CDO. All of the staff at TGA were invited by Xander to be staff here, although many have dropped to the wayside for various reasons and newcomers have stepped up.

HoH certainly had its brilliancies and I have fond memories of the forum, but it didn’t receive the attention in needed from the host and eventually started to fester and die - ushering in the age of CDO, which was born from its death throes and grew immensely in its wake.


Either get busy living or some such…


Like many others I started on HoH after looking up Hashut in google. I’d even downloaded the first few Word of Hashut’s before I knew CDO existed. then gravitated here after a while.