[Archive] Happy birthday Jackswift!


Turning 41? Another inch to your hat! :hat off


Happy birthday man!

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Thanks very much gents! Yeah, breaching the 40s. Woohoo!


Happy birthday!

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Fuggit Khan:

The 40’s?

I seem to vaguely recall those years.

Happy belated birthday to you good sir…may your starships fly high and your blunderbuss shoot straight :hat off


42 cheers for our man. :hat off

Besides, your very good ship drawings have gone offline since the site you hosted them on turned off. Do you happen to have new files ready to re-upload?

Uther the unhinged:

Happy birthday, 42, the answer to life the universe and everything (well that beards and extravagant headgear).

Fuggit Khan:

Happy Birthday dude,

Hopefully your shelves are stocked full with models, your dice roll straight and plenty of good cheers :hat off


Thanks very much gents! Been a slow year. I haven’t had time for proper gaming or modelling for a while but hope to get back to it within the next few months.

Ha, I’d forgotten about the “Life the Universe and Everything” aspect to the number 42. Nice!! Makes being 6x7 seven much more impressive…

Will do my best to dig up those old ship drawings and repost them… maybe even build them one of these days.

Overall a good day… out with the kids to zoo and museum, and a seriously revised and surprisingly clever version of “A Midsummer Nights Dream” put on by my 8 and 10 year old daughters and their uncle in the evening. Bet you’ve never seen the conversation between Theseus and Egeus about Hermia performed while they simultaneously juggle a frog that Philostrate has caught and handed to Theseus on a whim… caught me completely off guard and cracked me up to no end…



Thanks for the Birthday Wishes, consider them returned tenfold. :wink:



Happy birthday once again, Jackswift. :hat off


Happy birthday Jackswift! :hat off

Hope you have a great day, much alkohol and slaves! :wink:


Will Liam:

Happy birthday and have a great day :slight_smile:


Happy birthday to you!

Uther the unhinged:

Happy birthday. Have fun, cake, presents and much that is unhealthy.

Fuggit Khan:

Happy Birthday dude :hat off

You’ve always shared with us such great stuff from your hobby table, so I’m hoping that you received some cool birthday models, to awe and inspire all of us.

Cheers :cheers