[Archive] Happy birthday Pyro(1)

Kera foehunter:

Just want to wish you a happy birthday today

from your older Sister .




Happy B-day dude.

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Lava Lord:

:hat off Have a very happy b-day. Hope you get a nice CD present. Are ya getting a big b-day cake? Enjoy all of the day

Pyro Stick:

Thanks guys :cheers I decided to just have a relaxing day this year.


Turning to stone more and more,

happy bday!

Fuggit Khan:

Happy birthday to a fellow Scotsman :cheers


Happy birthday! How about celebrating as a hobbit? Give us a present. Pictures of a completed Asscannon perhaps?

Hope you have a good one. Hope to see you around.


Happy Birthday! Haven’t seen Pyro for a while, but his profile says he did drop by today! Hrmmm…


Happy Birthday dude! :hat off

Wish you a great new year and much fun! :cheers


Pyro Stick:

Thanks guys, i had a great day. I’m still about, just very busy with a new full time job that has me working late so i haven’t had time to paint in a while. I wish i had something new to show but the last unit i was working on (russian alternative blunderbuss) are packed away at the moment and i havent started on the AOW doomcrushers yet. Asscannon is still sitting on my desk. Im moving to glasgow at the start of September so i might have more time to finish things then. I also backed the Raging Heroes TGG2 kickstarter so those models will be my next project.