[Archive] Happy Birthday Tarrakk Blackhand

Kera foehunter:

You love or you Hate him he is the hated one :hat off
But i fine  him as one of my Dearest friend here.
so you turn 39today  i hope you and your family have a big party for you my dear friend .

ohhhhhhhhh and here is a cake for ya


Best wishes for your birthday my friend! :hat off

Hope everything with you and your family is fine and that you have a great day! :cheers





Happy BDay!

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Hashut’s Blessing:

nomnomnom cakelady tasted good.

Merry stoning, matey!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes…but I have sad news…the hobby store was under 6 feet of water in the High River Flood.

Look for my post in the Off-Topic discussion.