[Archive] Happy birthday torn!


Turning 31, eh? Happy birthday, and may Hashut trample your accursed foes! :cheers


Happy B-day dude;)

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Yes Mr T. Happy Birthday

Fuggit Khan:

Happy Birthday to a fellow December baby :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Eat, drink and be merry :cheers


Have a great day Torn!


thanks for the thoughts :slight_smile: good day I received an x wing rebel aces set from my brother !!

went for an indians with my daughter who is nearly 3, not such a good experience lol.


Congratulations man! :hat off


Happy birthday dude! :hat off

May your furnace burn for much longer time! :smiley:



thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

I decided this year for my birthday I would do something nerdy that I have always wanted to do, play the heroquest advanced quest, that is the one with 4 boards. We had 6 heroes (barbarian, dwarf, elf, sorceress, tribesman, and atlantian)

The sorceress is like the wizard but she gains spells by attacking with her magic staff.

The tribesman is a bit like the barbarian, but only attacks and defends with 2 dice. He defends everything on 1 good shield, and if he rolls 2 skulls on attack he can attack again.

The atlantian is a support character with some mid power spells but the ability to miss turns and recover them.

The dwarf was a tank with borins armour and extras, the barbarian had hitting power with the battle axe and the elf had a special bow that let him fire one 3dice attack or two 2dice attacks.

My brother stew was the dungeon master and added a few extra roleplay elements into it, including fighting a trolls that threw the heroes around, a goblin fanatic that ploughed through corridors and a battle with the wealdstone raider who in the warhammer world is a witch hunter. “you want some?, ill give it to ya”.

We played through 6 or 7 of the areas and then the dungeon master decided that as we had been going for 6 hours the next door out should be a portal to the end boss.

this is my write up for my facebook group.

Thanks to everyone for coming yesterday we had more heroes than we could shake a stick it.

Cheers for stew for adding in those little extras, akeems tribesman falling down the rabbit hole, trolls throwing dwarfs, battling it out with the wealdstone raider. Was really good.

So after losing the dwarf and the sorceress to fatigue we went through some hell themed portal to the end boss’s hideout. Hinsgrimm or whatever is name was had pretty much an army of troops, an undead summoning sorcerer and a gargoyle guarding him. He didnt count on the sneaky tricks on the heroes, with the atlantian teleporting him into a fight with the tribesman, while the barbarian and elf took out all the minions. Eventually the tribeman found a crack in hinsgrimm’s armour and stabbed him like 3 times whilst deflecting all of the chaos warriors attacks with his loincloth of power.

Then mentor the good wizard appeared in the corner and gave all the heroes a ring of brilliance.