[Archive] Happy Holidays from Tarrakk Blackhand!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi everyone!

This is just a quick topic to wish you all a happy holiday season.

In addition to my greetings, I have been busy since September with my second job, painting houses. As I have been working 5 days a week at the second job, from 8:30-5:00 Mon-Fri, I haven’t had too much time to get things done with my store, Monster Hobbies. I have had to leave the weekly store duties to my wife, Julie, while I took care of the gaming events on Thursday and Friday nights as well as Saturdays at the store. On Sundays, I look after our two girls while Julie works at the local convienience store to cover our home bills. Yeah, we don’t get too much time together as a family either, but the time we spend is special to me.

But as good fortune would have it, I get 1 week off of the second job and I go back on Jan 3rd. In this free time, I am going to tie up all the loose ends of 2011 that I couldn’t get to until now. These include fixing the Forum page at my web site to better display all the winners of the 2011 Build A Monster Contest. I am also going to finish hand painting the trophies and mail out the packages to the winners. I also have to do store inventory for 2011 and some other stuff. Just wish I could make it for another GH!:hat off

I managed to get a lot of new inventory for the store throughout November and December and I am in the process of (Once Again) updating my web site to better display and eventually sell these items. (as well as in my Brick and Mortar store)

As a surprise X-mas gift, one of my local wholesalers gave me a REALLY good price on a TON of items that they don’t want to carry anymore. These include D&D dice tubes by Games Science, Wargaming figures, Brass model train track, RC car wheels, oddball electric motors, and even women’s craft stuff like beads, rug making kits, and sewing items. This “gift” will stuff my store full of products again and hopefully, 2012 will see better sales. I know I will be sorting out these items for a long time though! I’ve already filled my Rav-4 Toyota to the hilt twice from these guys and there’s still more up there at the old warehouse! Yeah…it’s a Shizz-ton, to say the least!

In addition to this, I sent money to GW and became a Range 1 Stockist for both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K. Now I have all that “Core” stuff as well as glue and some paint kits.

I also got in contact with the designers of a British game called “Rapid Fire”. It’s a WW2 comabt based game using 1/72nd scale model kits from your favorite manufacturers, like Airfix, Revell Germany, Tamiya, etc. The game’s big in Britian, but not so much out here in Alberta Canada. I’m hoping to change all of that soon!

Currently, I have one Ex-Canadian Army sergent interested and a retired man who is so excited about WW2 model kits that it’s so delightful to have him as an opponient! Nice thing is that he knows other people in The Legion that he can also get into the game, after we play a few rounds and get comfortable with the rules ourselves!

Anyway, the Rapid-fire game designers will let me make some Stop-Motion videos of their game “In Action” for them. These little 30-45 second movies will include simple game operations, like moving the tank models and firing them, the use of troops in the game and so on. These should be fun to make, but first I need to free up some disc space on the ol’ HP!

So that’s how my time is going for this week. Just thought I’d share some updates with all of you guys and wish you the best of the holiday season and also that you make the best of it too!

Trevor Ursulescu

Monster Hobbies!

:hat off


merry xmas Mr T. Hope you don’t get snowed in to much.


Merry christmas dude! :hat off

I wish you and your familiy some relaxing and comfortable days and of course a better year 2012 (in financial meanings :wink: )!