[Archive] Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving for those celebrating. For the non-US types its an excuse to eat turkey, watch American football and be with family.

For historical reference the holiday was created by President Abraham Lincoln in the 1860’s as a national holiday always on the second to last Thursday in November. The legends/stories of the pilgrims and the Indians seem to be a much murkier aspect to it.


Happy Thanksgiving Willmark! (and to all) I’m in the USA too, Pennsylvania, near Allentown. Save some scraps for the slaves.


thanksgiving in wisconsin is an excuse to take off work to go hunting! ima get that turdy point buck…

and get drunk…

and get a triptophan fix…

and watch ami-foosball

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ve been told that it’s basically the food-stuffing equivalent of the English Harvest Festival where we collect loads of things (usually harvesty things :wink: ) and give it to third world countries.


Ah, thanksgiving.

Or as the Turkeys call it: the bad times.

Kera foehunter:

well i dont watch football games i help mom and granny do the dishes and clean up.i hope you guys dont get to fat. Malificant good luck bambi hunting. The only thing im going to say is .You have to cut the Ribs in slabs and smoke them it the best part of the deer.


Damn, makes me long for my favourite festival of the year - roll on 17th march!

Kera foehunter:

There are more great Hoilidays till then AGPO


I know, I’m psyked about Christmas and New years as well, but St. Pats is the best day of the year bar none!


I’ve always been partial to Halloween myself…