[Archive] Hard 2600pt tournament army


Hi all,

There is a local group near me that play pretty hard and I am considering attending one of their events (so I need a nasty army :mad). The event is using SCGT comp scoring and this army gets a 5 which is about average. The army, however is nasty.

Thoughts, comments and criticisms welcome.


Sorceror-Prophet on Lammasu (lvl 2 shadows)

General, lvl 3 Metal Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation 545pts


Deamonsmith Sorceror lvl 1 Fire, Enchanted Shield 100pts

Taur’ruk Blackshard Armour, Shield, Sword of Swift Slaying, Dawn Stone 225pts

Taur’ruk Shield, Dragonhelm 170pts

Hobgoblin Khan Light armour and pony 54pts


14 Fireglaives 310pts

Banner of Slavery, standard, musician & Deathmask w/ Naphtha Bomb

22 Hobgoblin Cutthroats 133pts

Normal Bow and shields, standard & musician

20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats 114pts

Normal Bow and shields & musician

20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats 114pts

Normal Bow and shields & musician


Magma Cannon

Magma Cannon

6 K’daai Fireborn, manburner 340pts

4 Bull Centaur Renders, Shields, standard & Banner of Swiftness 205pts

Total: 2600


I am guessing you dont have alot of Orc and Gobling players in your area?

You need 2 khans on ponies for the mangler squigs. Other wise you will just be loosing things that cost way too much or using up your magma cannon shots to kill them.

The lack of a BSB worries me to no end. No stubborn no reroll. You will have one combat that says oh look something that needed to stick breaks and runs and their goes your entire battle line.


Manglers aren’t that scary. Local meta is all elves at the moment. The other army I am considering taking has three units of Hellstriders (because everyone hates Warlocks). Orcs and goblins are unlikely because they are in a bad place against elves

Banner of Slavery is on the fireglaives. If they get in combat with something they aren’t flanking I am doing something seriously wrong (3 units of gobbos around them with ITP).

I am considering dropping the lvl1 and getting another level on the Prophet and a unit of dogs or another khan. ~50 bows and 14 fireglaives a turn and two Taur’ruks is mean and nasty.


Do you find the BS 3 shooting to be that effective? Especially against well armored elves? I’ve found the small blocks of hobgoblins surprisingly resilient and useful, but the animosity dice gods are cruel at times and they will not last in combat vs. elite elves. Your strategy seems to be to outshoot elves. The list doesn’t strike me as being rock hard, being made up of mostly STR3 T3 msu hobgoblins. If you have had success with the list then I applaud you and wish you more of the same.


Re - mangler squigs, I was thinking the other day i instead of running my chaff into them to kill them, why not if I get first turn, run a chaff unit directly in front of the mangler, as close as I can without touching. This way if the mangler hit my chaff the next turn it will be doing random moves in its own battle line. The only other option would be to and it sideways and I’m guessing that wouldn’t be an option in most circumstances.

2nd worse case scenario the mangler is flanking and randoms off the board (if it can I will have to check) and worst it comes towards you anyway.


Double Taur’ruks are hard, run a double Taur’ruk list and find how nasty they are. They can be played similar to WoC Exalteds (run em round the board and smash into things that cost a lot of points).

Animosity with Banner of Slavery is a bonus. They are immune to psych but still have to test if you run them outside of 6" but within 12". On 2-6 nothing happens but on a 1 you get +1 to hit (and take some wounds but entirely worth it. I have killed a deamonprince in one round of shooting with just hobbos (very lucky rolls but not to be underestimated when you are rolling that many dice). Ideally, I want glittering robe, enchanted blades or mindrazor and then those hobbos become awesome (s10 goblins are funny).

The fireglaives are mainly denial. I playtested board and sword dudes but I found they were mainly wasting time and the occasional BS3 shot is better than turtling in the corner. The main shooting in the army is the double magma cannon which is easily the best war machine in the game.


No musician on bull centaurs?

I prefer to keep my centaur at 3 strong with shields and musician, as they are cheap enough for me not to overly worry about the points should they die, and they never fall to 25%, so always get the chance to regroup at Ld9. Re-reading the rule, I suppose 4 also works, but feel that the standard is a bit too pricy, especially should they flee from combat and you lose a 70 point model for nothing.


Do you find the BS 3 shooting to be that effective? Especially against well armored elves?
No, it's not, but :
1 elf : 11 pts (average)
Two elves, shooting on 4+ (long range) mean 1 hit.
1 bowmen hobgoblin : 5 pts (5,5 with shield)
you have 4 bowmen hobgoblin for 2 elves.
4 hobgobs, shooting on 5+ (long range) after moving first turn mean >1 hit.

I have won many shooting duals against HE, sometimes against DE (needing warmachines to win), never played again new WE (but maybe the same than against DE).

You must shoot on light armoured elves (archers).
To me, hobgoblins with bows and shields are the best core unit in our list (if you manage to keep alive your general...), pointwise