[Archive] Hardening a Green Stuff sculpt?


I’m to sculpt two horns for my mechanical dragon aprox 1 3/4" long. I have tried with Milliput, but that cracked to easily - and now I will try with Green Stuff - but the problem with GS seems to be that it’s way to flexible - and the paint will crack off. Already tried to pin it, but the tip is still to flexible!

Are any of you familiar with a method to hardening Green Stuff? Maybe changed the ratio between blue and yellow stuff? Could I coat it with super glue? - or could I mix milliput and GS? - or …

Hope you can help me out!

Pyro Stick:

I would of thought coating in super glue or anything else that will make a hard layer on the outside would be the way to go


brown stuff is harder than green stuff doesnt have any of the flexibility so its really good at making long thin things that you dont want to bend.


I can never find brown stuff anywhere, not even on ebay, does anyone know where i could find it in the uk?


I often mix miliput with greenstuff when I want to make a harder compound for sculpting. Not tried it for making horns etc., but it may do the trick for you.

The captain:

I can never find brown stuff anywhere, not even on ebay, does anyone know where i could find it in the uk?

Ebob is where i get mine. Though i heard heresy miniatures are good for that kind of stuff as well.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

GaleForce 9 sell brown stuff. I have yet to try it out, though. For green stuff, using a larger qty of blue and less yellow might turn the whole thing into something harder. However, I would suggest to use a wire frame for the horns, it will make the whole thing a lot more stable and will also help with pinning.


i think i got my brown stuff from heresy not sure if they do it anymore i think they only have that magic sculpt stuff


This is the best place for all your putty needs: http://www.greenputty.com/main.sc

You’re best off using wire underneath the horns to support the putty, brown stuff would be a good idea as it can be filed down once hard and it can also be mixed with green stuff.

The captain:

Mabey a coat of gloss over the bare GS could help, or increasing the ratio of Y:B in blues favour. Using a Milliput armature for the horn, coated in green stuff could work as well.


hmmm… use some steel/copper wire as core of horn?

caos dwrf:

i have the same problems with masks/helms/casts

soooooooo… just throwin it out there would hairspray work

or would it just melt the model/paint/green stuff/whatever

this would be great because when i make casts i let them harden for 24+ houres but just by cutting them to shape and then cleaning them up it kills the detail

cheers Caos dwrf

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Uh, I guess hairspray would only make it sticky, not more stable…


Use the greenstuff/brownstuff mix!

I’ve lost count how many times iv preached this spectacular sculpting material!


dude green stuff hardens on its own…i think i read some other peopel already said this but your going to wantto use a wire frame then layer, then sculpt away


Your problem clam might be that the horns are too thin for the greenstuff to be that strong. GS only takes 8 hours or so to be fully hard (depending on the amount).

So if its not hard by then its either because you didn’t add enough blue, or the piece itself is too thin.

How wide are the horns at the base?

Something I’ve done well numerous times is to whittle down a long piece of plastic sprue, then slowly bend it into a curve.

Another idea is to do the above, but just for the tip of the horn. You then pin this to a long piece of wire and then GS the rest of the horn, blending it together.

caos dwrf:

now theres some good advice

Uh, I guess hairspray would only make it sticky, not more stable…

Ishkur Cinderhat
ok ive never really used hair spray for anything so i did not know its properties all i know aboot it is that it made things hard (not that way)


If you have a wire core for the horns, it should be no problem. Just make sure the wire is firmly attached to the model. Also, it helps if you wrap a second piece of wire around the first, this allows the green stuff to get some hold and stops it spinning on the wire when you apply it.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Well, I can tell you that mixing milliput and greenstuff together should make someting much harder (and you can file/sand/trim it with a knife). Most weapons are sculpted that way by GW (or cut out of plasticard -which would not work here).

Viskar Zhragoth


@ Grimstonefire

I solved my problem many months ago by following WarplockMonkey’s advice: Brown stuff or Brown stuff/green stuff mix :slight_smile:

But thx anyway!