[Archive] Hargrim's Legion (Slayer Army of Karak Kadrin)


I finally have photos of my other unsupported Warhammer Army. I call it Hargrim’s Legion, you may call it the Slayer Army of Karak Kadrin.


Let’s start with the General, this is the only Army that a Slayer can be a General but really there is no effect for it. Hargrim has been my General in nearly every game I’ve played.

Of course the Slayer army gets a free spot for a hero and the BSB is a Free Upgrade so why not take it. Here is Snorri Deathseeker, the BSB of the army. There is only one Rune I use on the BSB, Master Rune of Grimnir. Yes, that is a METAL giant’s head on the top of the pole.

Second in command is Hargrim’s friend and brother in battle Thorin Steelhide.

Third in Command is Dramnir Silentstorm, he doesn’t say much but always seems to be standing on a pile of bloody bodies at the end of the game.

For the Core I have units of Troll Slayers, 3 of them with full command. They each have slight differences of standard.

Unit 1 has runes on their banners which I made from paper.

Unit 2 has The PWU (Philly Warhammer United) standard. One side has a banner is made from green stuff but the other side has various heads attached to it.

Unit 3 has a basic standard.

Of course the other core choice is the infamous Doomseekers. I own 10 but I usually only use 4-5 in a game.


Now the Special Choice, only one because I feel the Brotherhood is a waste of points in most games. If they could take a Master Rune on their standard (like Dwarf Elite Units) I may have a different feeling about it.

Long Drong’s Pirate Slayers, catch the guys on either end with the green bottles (Beer, Mountain Dew?) in their hands.

Rare, of course there is only 1 and it’s another 0-1 choice. I do own 2 because I use one in regular fun games and one for Tournaments/Special games, I’ll post that one in another post due to limitations of the Forum.

The Fun Game Hewer.

The Tournament Hewer has a scenic base (tray) and can spin on spot. Yes, I know I’m slightly odd.

Here is the entire army.


Oh there is one model in the entire army image that I haven’t mentioned yet. I rarely use him and when I do he always dies before the end of the game.

Warmonger Garagrim Ironfist, referred to by most as Naked Dude. My darling wife painted him up for me.


I hope you like my little elite army. I never have a problem finding opponents for this army.

Kera foehunter:

Now that is a great army Bilbo !! Great pirate slayers !!!

But the chaos dwarfs have never had a cool figure as your warmourner slayer !!

Garagrim rules!!


Astragoth (bionic man) is the coolest of the Chaos Dwarf characters.


Lol. Your wife painted the only naked slayer… How many giant slayers do you run with each unit? Any preferences on slayer skills for each character?

Great army btw.


I usually run 2 Giant slayers per unit (I have done 3 in the past).

I tend to go Killing Blow special skill on most Dragon Slayers, Lord usually gets Killing Blow and Beast Slayer and one Dragon Slayer (Usually Dramnir) sometimes gets the can opener combo of Skaven Slayer and Master Rune of Alric the Mad (extra attacks and No Armor Save) when I’m feeling mean. Come here Chaos Knights.

I usually stay away from Death Blow and Skaven Slayer in most games because they are not fun for my opponents. But there are a few players that you just have to spring that onto. :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

do you still field that many dooms slayer

if the other player lets you


Only in higher point games. up to 1000 I run 2, 1500-2000 I do 4, 2250 I go 5 and 2500 then it’s 8 :D, I ran out of painted troll slayers.