[Archive] Has anyone tried a blunderbuss horde yet?


I’m thinking of trying a blunderbuss horde (RH Rules if it makes a difference) in my game next week. I usually take two units of 15, but I figured 30-33 guys, gives me a nice big template, will hopefully maintain the extra strength for longer, and if they do get into combat, hopefully a stand and shoot combined with the extra horde attacks might see them through.

I just wondered if anyone had already tried this, and if so how did you get on?

Da Crusha:

this is pretty interesting. I haven’t tried it. I’m not sure if it would be worth it though. yes there would be a lot of extra attacks back, 7 against a frontage of 5. but they will still only be S3 attacks and it would also prevent you from getting 2 volleys of shots off if they remained separate units. maybe one big unit aided by a second smaller one might be viable. if you give it a try I’d like to hear the results.


I use Blunderbusses in units of 21 myself, have for a while.


What are the advantages of the larger unit?

It is more durable, which isn’t really the point as its not there to take damage.

It maintains the strength bonus for longer. Which is nice, but not as nice as two volleys.

Imo, two smaller units, both putting out strength 5 volleys, is better than one giant unit that only shoots once. Also, two units can’t be nullified by one hard guy on a pegasus or something running in and engaging them in combat.

Great weapon warriors are the ones who should go Horde :slight_smile:


Thats a lot of points for a S3 unit.

maybe give them the armour piercing banner as a hore or not but then at least the S3 wil get trough armour more easy

Hashut’s Blessing:

I believe we discussed this in one of the podcasts, but I would say it’s probably not the best use of horde nor blunderbusses. 12 points a piece for 30 models in a single unit, no command, comes in at 360 points. That’s quite a lot for a unit that can shoot once per turn, unless a friendly unit is within that 12" forwards and ~8" and then it suddenly becomes useless for that turn. Then in combat, you get the extra attacks, but two units attacking one would get you even more (2 units with 2 ranks attacking or one unit with three slightly wider ranks attacking), as well as allowing a flank charge.

Ultimately, I see a lot of disadvantages to having one mega unit instead of two/three smaller ones.


I think it will be a trade off between resilience and flexibility. In the past I’ve gone for the flexible approach (two units of 15) and they haven’t really been that good, so I’m happy to try something else instead. It’s a 3,000pt game, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a points sink. I have to be honest though, the main reason to try it is I think it will look pretty neat on the table.


Go for it I say and see what happens.  Just be sure to include a cheap character to cut down the enemy a bit.

The limited range are what makes me doubt the effectiveness of one unit over two.

Hashut’s Blessing:

To be honest, I seriously doubt that you will gain anything in resilience, but I agree that it should look fecking awesome!

GSF: The range makes them near worthless in 8th edition, IMO. They are going to pretty much be a stand and shoot weapon from now on… Just my feelings on them.


Not convinced by a blunderbuss horde : the strengh is limited to 5, and in close combat, blunderbuss with their strengh of 3 aren’t terrible…

Better use with 2*15 blunderbuss IMO


2 units of 21 are in most builds of my army.


maybe it doesn’t work that well in the RH of the indy list, but look at Thommys list! 30 BBs ecualls awesomenees!