[Archive] Hats off to the greatest generation- June 6, 1944


(Not political)

As I do every June 6th I doff my hat to the brave men of the greatest generation who bravely stormed the beaches of Normandy this day 69 years ago.

Heartfelt thanks to the Americans, British, Canadians who made what can arguably be said one of the greatest acts of bravery known to man. Think about it, there really was no going back. Also kudos to the rest of the Allied powers who contributed in both large and small ways as well.

And no intention of slighting anyone who is German. My family origin traces back to the south west of what would become Germany. In my case, my ancestors arrived in America in 1847, very poor and would stay so for a couple of generations.

In any event, an important day to remember as the last of these brave men slip away, including my grandfather.

Again, nothing political meant folks but rather a heartfelt thanks.


I am right there with you, the greatest generation is getting smaller and smaller so it’s important to remember there sacrifices to keep the world a better place.


No slight taken, my Granddads fought on the wrong side and in the east, for them and their comrades the end of the war was a mercy even if my mums dad died shortly after returning from captivity on the Krim.
We still have nice neighbours from the US Airbase here and no bitterness between us.

Can remember that I was told the story of my granduncle being butler to the Bismarck family. When he refused the order to wait upon the household of Hitler he was immediatly transferred to the east front.
There he was wounded and transported back tied to a tank cannon because there was no other way for a appropriate transport.


Yes, well said Willmark! Over on my Blog (link below) I have some personal recollections of some Durham Light Infantry soldiers (my family regiment) who went ashore on D-Day at Gold Beach as part of the 50th Tyne Tees Division. Well worth a read… amazing stuff!


My Grandfater was in the 1st Marines at Guadalcanal and the Soloman Islands. He dodged plenty of bullets but it was the cholestorol that got him in the end. He was a tough old guy and had the patience of Jobe.


I totally agree with you. It is important to simply remember those who foughts, died or survived to tell what happened.

Fuggit Khan:

Agreed, it was truly our greatest generation. I love to hear stories from people about their family who fought (from all sides). My grandfather on my dads side served on PT boats in the Pacific and later worked on USAAF aircraft, while at the same time my grandfather on moms side was an aircraft mechanic in the Luftwaffe. Small world huh? As a kid I loved to listen to their stories at family reunions.