[Archive] havent noticed this before



Might work quite well for a Hobbo bolt thrower, nice n cheap.

I have used Ramshackle before and they are fine.


Yeah Ramshackle Games has a lot of cool and cheap stuff! :wink:

The only aspect I don’t know is the quality of the minis - I didn’t bought any of that stuff so I couldn’t judge it!



looks okay, looks perhaps a bit small. maybe.


Just ordered 2. Also ordered his orc archers, goblin war giant and one of those Gorrilagons to chop into a Mega-Nob!


Pretty good quality stuff all told. Their stuff is great for ork and ad mec armies infact I need to get myself a few if those boring machines for my squat army unless I can work out some epic way or making my own.


I have 4 of them Thorne, they are superb.