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richard barby:

i got hold of a copy of the vampier book and have had a good read of it. i will try and stay on the right side of copywrite rules so no points costs

anyway this is my starting list basicly as much magic as posable backing some large blocks of troops and some bats i think a bit excssive on the size of the grave guard but everyone seems the like big arse units so why not. feel free to offer some pointers especially if i have made a few errors in writign the list

vampier lord level 3lore of vamps

blood lines master of black arts, ghoulkin ,summon ghoules

items helm of command , bloody haulberk, black periapt

vampier hero forebiden lore (metal) scroll avatar of death (great wepion)

wight bsb banner of barrows

44 ghouls ghast

44 ghouls ghast

25 skellys fullcommand

3 fell bats

3 fell bats

3 fell bats

40 grave guard great wepions fullcommand


C’mon dude, there are lots of people who go on here who don’t speak perfect english, and that’s why it’s chaos-dwarfs.com and not spelling-bee.com :slight_smile:

Back to the subject - Seems like a solid core, though would you consider fielding a Varghulf? I find they’re rather solid and under-praised. They’re practically manticores but without the crazy attack-everything-head-on rule.

It’s also a pretty solid force as you can use it with the SoM rules for a binded allies army, which would be great for slowing down their beasties and allowing you to flank attack them.

I don’t know much about fell bats but I’m assuming you’d use them as fast-cav for harassing flanks and war-machines?



Yes, maybe Grimbold was a little bit rude but please try to write in a proper English.

This is an international forum, sometimes it is difficult for people coming from non English speaking countries (like me e.g.) to understand what it is written if you write without any punctuation and mispelling words.

Sorry if I made some mistake here above :wink:


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Personally, I would split th ghouls up a bit. You have 88 with two ghasts, you could have three units of 30 instead which gives you more options and less unspent attacks. Also, I’d try and find the points to take Cairn Wraiths - can’t be hit by non-magical attacks (so combat resolution is their big weakness - magic cast at them isn’t being cast elsewhere), they have great weapons and three attacks each. They can do some really hefty damage and not take a lot back.

richard barby:

ok i could ake a bit more of an effort with the spelling side of things. i may well edit it after this but thats the last i want to talk about that.

anyway the vargulf having taken it on several times its not that flash in my mind real good in 7th not to good in 8th i think. but this is from a guy who has only played against vamps not with them. the idea with the fell bats is screening my 3 big blocks from heavie hitters. im planing to sit them 9 inches from the front of there base in front of the front of my grave guard/ ghoulesthey can be charged and wiped out it will leave me in a position to counter charge with better units. however if my bats are not charged i can fly out the way and use the van hells to charge as im sitting on +2 dice sometimes +3. the armys it wont work to that well against are dark elves who will just kill the bats


My friend uses list really similar to this. I would drop the ghouls to 2 units of 30 and add the 4 wraiths (with banshee if you like). And that would be set. Wraiths can be a huge pain in the ass in many different ways, so you should take them. And 30 ghouls is usually enough with you summoning more of them. Although if you want bigger units you can find the balance you want by dropping one unit of fellbats and maybe one wraith from your wraith unit (assuming you take them). You could even drop few grave guards, 40 might be a bit excessive.

But really it depends where you play, On many tournaments (at least in here) units are comped to be around 400-500 points, so your unit is not possible there.

And in friendly games you are going to be everyones favourite playmate when fielding that kind of a deathstar unit :D.


richard barby:

all very good points big fella

its not a list built for frindly play thats for sure the club i go to often plays pracitce for the next tourniments so i rairly play fluffy games

wraiths are usefull for sure


I would:

Put the Banner of the Barrows on the Grave Guard, not the Wight King. That way he can take other stuff, like Sword of Kings + Other Trickster’s Shard (my favourite for killing characters) or the obvious Drakenhoff Banner.

I would take 1 unit of bats; they really aren’t that great imo.

As already mentioned, Wraiths really are awesome.

Charmed Shield/Wristbands of Black Gold are very nice for a Bunker Lord. Fencer’s Blades is also filth when combined with the Helm of Commandment.

I recently finished 3rd at the Maelstrom Summer Incursion, and on table 1 game 6 I fought:

Vamp Lord Lv3, Master of the Black Arts, Summon Ghouls, Forbidden Lore, Helm, Fencer’s Blades, Charmed Shield and Wristbands of Black Gold

Necromancer with Raise Dead and VanHel’s Danse Macabre

Wight King BSB with Drakenhoff

2 x 40 Ghouls

Ghoul bunker (30-ish)

25 Grave Guard (he was comped so could only have 25)

3 Bats

5 Wraiths inc Banshee

Black Coach

Its pretty similar to my VCs. As he only had 25 GG, it was a close game but he snatched a minor win off my Dwarfs (it was Rich Laking, the guy who won the Masters, so fair do’s). If he had the full 40 GG, it would have been game-over much earlier.

The Coach is an interesting buy for magic defence. I’m not keen myself, but many people like it.

The Varghulf is ‘meh’ in 8th. I like 'em, so I take one, but he’s pretty pants really. I2 is painful, not just in melee but against Pit of Shades, etc. Str 5 really isn’t enough and 4 Wounds is low. No longer being able to Regen/Ward crumbling damage hurt the Varghulf and Coach a lot.

You have 88 with two ghasts, you could have three units of 30 instead which gives you more options and less unspent attacks.
Yeah, I thought that too at first. But, if you only have 30 they need raising quite quickly. With 40, you don’t start to run out of Ghouls nearly as fast. The main point is: You don’t want to be spending dice on Invocation that could be spent on VanHel’s; that’s how the 40 Ghouls win, by killing more so they crumble less, if at all. Ironically, while people moan a lot about Invocation, if their opponent is having to use it a lot, its because they’re on the back foot. VHD is the game-winner, and the spell that people should moan about :slight_smile:

richard barby:

vhd in my opinon is on a par with gateway and dwellers as game winning spell . im a much different way for sure but still a game winner


It’s fairly similar to a list that a guy I know took to a tournie recently. He came second.

Difference was he had no bats and a much smaller second ghoul unit.

Instead he took a Black Coach (which are unbelievably good in 8th edition).

richard barby:

im assumeing that was basils vamps hes quite a good player from what i have picked up. its intersting with the black coach im going for magic so i dont want to lose the dice to it