[Archive] Having Trouble Logging In?


We were having weird loggin-in and loggin-out issues. I think I have resolved the issue. The problem lies with cookies. Cookies made from the “chaos-dwarfs.xandor.ca” address will not function, and prevent you from staying logged in. Cookies made from the chaos-dwarf.com” address will function properly now (I fixed them).

If you are not logged in, click here to do so:

Thanks you for being patient while we sorted this out.
-Xander :cheers

Lord Zarkov:

yes, i’ve had it as well; it only seems to be when I use the in-built link to the main page, when I use my yahoo link it goes back to normal


Although its in Xander’s sig, to remind people (like me), you will need to update the web address in your favourites for your ISP (if you have it there), to stop you having problems again, and again etc… (like I did) :slight_smile: