[Archive] hazkar and his little friends


Using the Juggernaut is an interesting idea. It was suggested on here when the Jugger was first released but to the best of my knowledge you’re the first person to actually do it.

It’ll be interesting to see how it works out. So far it is looking very good indeed.

Ghrask Dragh:

Those rackham mini’s are really cool, been a big fan for a while (obviously more of a mid-nor man myself) you’ve made an excellent bull centaur from them :cheers

You Taurus is coming along nicely, this is a really sweet thread mate, nice one!


okay,its updating time:)

this one i will use as some kind of engineer for my earthshaker

i´ve already painted this one,some final pics of it will follow

hope you enjoy it,thats all for now:hat off

Kera foehunter:

wow this is a cool figure!! you did a great job on it i like the hammer

Ubbo Sathla:

Really nice! The hammer and the Chaos Marine shoulder pads suit him so well, that’s a great idea. Maybe I should convert an CD Immortal with this massive look, your job’s inspiring me, thanks!


thx kera

@ubbo:that look wasnt my idea,i was inspired by wallacers avatar(you can see him,on top of this side…)

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks great Hazkar! Beefy football type!


Hoh, that guy has loads of armour! Wouldnt mess with him… :slight_smile:

The shoulder pads looks great. Do you have a better pic of the cape?


hehe, are you shure he’s an enginer, looks more like a hero to me:cheers

so, if you ever only want two crew men, you have an extra, kick ass hero

paint please:)


thx tarrakk

@tjub: here is a better view on the cape for you(i dont know where rhis little metal piece comes from…im sure it wasnt there when i sculpted the cape…)

@blackmage:painted pics will follow,maybe i will use him as champ for my wariors with two handed weapons,we´ll see


Cool guy this becoming engineer!

@Hazkar: that look wasnt my idea,i was inspired by wallacers avatar(you can see him,on top of this side…)
In my opinion is a good copy better than a bad invention!!!



that little metal nub is one of the bits on said crewman:)


@zanko:thats so true

@blakmage:could be,could also be some conversion crap,that was hanging around on my desk…one of the big mysteries of mankind


No, it is 100% sure from one of his tools (well, acualy, it’s two). I took mine up to confirm it.


so,once again its updating time

this is the story of my ghVIII entry:

:hashut the chaos dwarf battle tank :hashut

i started up with an idea and did a quick sketch

with that plan i started to convert

heres a wip

and now some pics of the final model

the chassi is the turret of an other tank model

the front wheels are peanutbutter glass tops,the wheels on the back where part of the hell cannon

the cannon was part of an old star wars toy(a model of the palace of

jabba the hutt)

hope you guys like it…cheers :cheers

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks good, but I’m going to wait until afer the judging in Golden Hat to post mine.


hello everybody,once again its updating time

im a little sick today :sick so i cant do go out or something like that

so i had enough time to do some new cd model

im planing to use the dwarf army list when my cd are ready to fight

because of that i built today

:hashut the altar of hashut :hashut

used as an anvil of doom

so here we go


from the left

from the right

close up of the altar

the giant rock was part of the package of these guy

and i just bought it because of the package…but maybe i can use him for something…we´ll see

okay,thats all for today i hope you like it

questions,comments or critisisms are welcome,dont be shy

auf wiedersehen :hat off

edit:i just realised the pictures are pretty bad,sorry for that,next time some better,promissed


Awesome blog, dude! Keep it up. :slight_smile:

That Bull Centaur is indeed cool.

Kera foehunter:

Holy cow !! now that some work there !!! Like the war machine love the guy in the mosh pit !!

all you need now is a evil monkey


I like the idea of a CD Battle Tank! :hat off

Also cool realization, but … why did you paint the Tank in pink??? :wink:

Great idea, great mini … but pink??? That´s not mine!!! :exclamation:

Also cool idea with the altar! I´m curious of the paint scheme … I will hope not “pink” :stuck_out_tongue: