[Archive] hazkar and his little friends


finally made it to steal my sisters cam and take some pics of my wip army.hope you enjoy it



my astragoth-conversion



slave unit

death rocket

bolt thrower

giant taurus

thats all for now,cheers:cheers

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



great start

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Kera foehunter:

That’s a great start !! love the bull centaur

love the beards on the death rockets look cool

Pyro Stick:

I would like to see some more pics of the bull centaur as it looks very interesting but i cant make out much of the detail.

That has to be the craziest astragoth conversion ever! Great idea! The bolt thrower is also very imaginative. Excellent Start. Now get some painting done.


thanks for the positive feedback

i will start to them in the next days…

@pyro: other pics of the bull centaur will follow

i thought,astragoths change continued,so he needs a new cybot-body to walk on


hey hey!i´m back:hat off

while working on my entry of gh8 (looks good so far) i made it continue a little bit on my giant taurus

still a lot of work to do on

the rider is my lord,i cut him off his base ´cause i got the aow-model,thats my new walking lord

new pics will follow this weekend,just need some time to load them up

see you:hat off


great red colour on the wings Hazkar. phenomenal. :slight_smile: excellent progress


I really like your Astragoth!

Interesting Taurus, I´m eager to see him fully sculptured and painted!



That’s an interesting Astrogoth, I would never have thought of that.

Very cool idea using a juggernaut for a Great Taurus. Are you planning on carving off the runes and/or putting the Rune of Hashut on there? If you pull that off it should look sweet.


When I first started CDs I was going to stick a dwarf head on the old SM dreadnaut. I had no money, so I didn’t. When the Astragoth model was finally released he was disappointingly small!

Some very interesting conversions


Who said that the Choas Juggernaut were out of scale for Dwarfs? - think your Taurus looks great :hat off

And I love you take at Astragoth - darn that’s a great idea.

Kera foehunter:

great job on the Taurus nice wings too


thank you all very much,guys

its always good to get some feedback(and if its that positive its much better)

Time of Madness:

I love the metal ungors as slaves! They are a blast to paint as well.

Time of Madness


okay,like i´ve promised here are a bunch of new pics…

@pyro: here are some more views at my bull centaur

hope you like it

and some new great taurus pics

and here are some warriors i´m working on

that´s all for now,more will follow…

good bye:hat off

and cheers:cheers

Kera foehunter:

i like the chaos helmets with out the horns!!

but i love the guy on the right with the tusks he looks great.

Pyro Stick:

Thanks for the pics. Its a really cool mode. Are you going to make more? What did you use for the centaurs body? You could also pass it off as a Boar Centaur that has whipped out his sword.

The warriors are looking good but i think you might have given them a bit too much beard. They look a bit like mm90/5a:


the bull centaur is made from khor warriors from rackham and the grudge pony right? great idea mate, keep it up! :cheers

Pyro Stick:

the bull centaur is made from khor warriors from rackham and the grudge pony right? great idea mate, keep it up! :cheers

That must be these guys then:

Do they come as two part models or did you have to hack one up?


yes they are.

they are one part models,and i´ll use the others,when i get some more grudge ponys