[Archive] Heartshaker in 8th edition


Hello folks!

Sorry if it was discussed before but I cannot find it :frowning:

Yesterday night I played with my Chaos Dwarfs and me and my opponent realized a problem with heartshakers in 8th edition.

How does it works with charge, pursue and run movements?

We had two hypotesis:

1) it halves movement profile, so an human has his own movement halved and charge at 2" plus 2d6. E.G. rolling 4" and 2" would charge 2" (human movement halved by heartshaker effect) plus 6"= actual movement 8"

2) it halves every movement, so an human charge at 4" plus 2d6, the entire value divided by 2. E.G. rolling 4" and 2" would charge 4" (human movement) plus 6" = total movement 10" divided by 2 = actual movement 5"

Which one is the correct answer?

Thank you so much for answers :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

Number 2 is correct. if you decided before the game that you are using the cdo faq then it further clarifies that number 2 would be the proper way to handle the earthshaker effect.


Thank you very much. It was a friendly game and we decided to roll a d6. The good old solution. Hashut blessed me and I got the “slow down the entire movement solution” :smiley:

This save me the day as his mono-Khorne demon army was slowed by my earthshakers :smiley: and I could dismantle it piece by piece.