[Archive] Heavy Metal Dice Kickstarter


Hello everyone.

As you may have or not have read, I’ve been working hard on my own Kickstarter project.

Well, after seeing the project I was working on and my own miniature work , a friend who I know in the real world and lives fairly close by to me (and is much more into paper and pen dungeons and dragons) wanted to start up their own Kickstarter project… and so here it is!


Looks like it is basically a bunch of d6, d10, d20… in different colors of metal. And they’re quite heavy from what I have been told!  

Thought I’d just share it here, since I said I would help spread the news, so there it is.

The minis and all the terrain in the photos were painted or owned by me and I let my friend take photos with them… Chaos mutant Ogres forever!