[Archive] Helblindi's Blood Bowl Teams

Ghrask Dragh:

Wow, those bright colours look great, they do look like thy could play a few games in the ‘Tron’ program :slight_smile:


Wow, those bright colours look great, they do look like thy could play a few games in the 'Tron' program :)

Ghrask Dragh
Hah, jupp exactly my thought!

Effective color theme though, and thoughts on team fluff etc or just went with a striking theme?


Thanks! Team fluff is limited. They art part of Karak Brothar, which tries to get exiles of both the Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs to coexist without constantly killing eachother. The Dwarf population has two large clans, one of which, the more progressive, is clan Nygrund, which has black, blue and orange as their livery.

And then I just went looking for cool names. Throughout my previous fluff, I’ve been trying to reference Bungie games, as their early games have been quite an inspiration. So the fluff texts above are quotes from ‘myth’, which has dwarfs throwing molotov cocktails. Most of the names are from myth, too, though they obviously got them from the eddas in the first place.

Jari, one of the runners, will also feature in my army as a proxy for Joseph Bugman. Other players may return as characters, too, in the future…

From the same hold, I also plan to make a CD team, and two slave teams: orks and skavens. The skavens have already been made and painted.


Heyho, happy yuletide to all. I hope Hashut has brought you all many dark gifts.

A few weeks ago, I finished a rat ogre as latest addition to the Yellow Plague. Turns out, I haven’t shown the rest of the team yet, although it’s been painted for months now. So here we go:

Team roster:

1 - Lineman - Reed

2 - Lineman - Theiler

3 - Lineman - Finlay

4 - Lineman - Aristide

5 - Blitzer - Haemagog

6 - Blitzer - Aedes

7 - Gutter Runner - Xekik

8 - Gutter Runner - Vomitonegro

9 - Gutter Runner - Sabethes

10 - Gutter Runner - Lazar

11 - Thrower - Ikter

12 - Lineman - Flavio

13 - Rat Ogre - Yellow Jack

14 - Lineman - Josiah


A closer look at the linemen:


Gutter Runners:


Rat Ogre:

An unfortunate goblin has experienced the brutal strength of this creature first-hand.

Support crew:

The flags are my reroll tokens, one more is in the pipelines.

The bell rat is my apothecary. And the tall dude is the coach: lord Bilestorm.


Looks great, though not a fan of square bases for Blood Bowl. :stuck_out_tongue:


A really nasty Skaven team - I like Number 11 best. He looks like an experienced quarterback ;-).