[Archive] Helblindi's Blood Bowl Teams


Hey guys, I’ve started working on a blood bowl team. Since I have dwarf and chaos dwarf soldiers aplenty to take a double shift as BB player, I’ve started with a different race: filthy skavens. It’s nice to be painting something completely different for a change.

So here is my team: the Yellow Fever.

From left to right: 4 linemen, 2 blitzers, 4 gutter runners, who always manage to sneak weapons or very pointy gloves onto the field, and a thrower.

For now, only the Thrower is finished.

Not much conversion work on these guys, I felt like getting something done relatively quickly for starters. Might put more work into star players, rat ogre, maybe even slowly replace the regular players with better conversions, but I’m happy with them as they are for now.

Fuggit Khan:

Nice! For some reason, my first thought was that they are painted up in the Belgium tricolor flag colors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve always liked bright colors on BB teams, great work and cool colors :hat off


Nice paintjob, similar in style to mine but much better!

Square bases?


Thanks guys!

@Fuggit: Yeah, I keep coming back to red-yellow-black patterns, and it’s never intended as my national colours (but man do we have awesome colours in our flag :slight_smile: ). In this case, though, the main color will be yellow, and each player type will get a different second colour: red for thrower, blue for linemen, metallic for blitzers, and black or dirty green for gutter runners.

@Cornixt: Got a link to your team? Can’t seem to find it.

Yes, square bases. I don’t see a reason they should be round? They’re always facing one of four directions, and when they’re down, you don’t want them to roll, because face-up/face-down matters. Also I’m planning to make my own BB arena, it will be underground, because dwarfs, and the field itself will be paved with flagstones (got dozens of 2.5x2.5cm kitchen tiles in the basement). So I figured why not make the bases in the way I plan to paint the tiles, so they’ll stand out less.


Neat team and great team name!


Very nice start to your team. I had mine on square so they could sub into my CD army. But I changed them to round because of peer pressure.


A nice team with a great name :-).


Very bright but great job on the paint. Very crisp lines and the blending is excellent.


@Cornixt: Got a link to your team? Can't seem to find it.
Yes, square bases. I don't see a reason they should be round? They're always facing one of four directions, and when they're down, you don't want them to roll, because face-up/face-down matters. Also I'm planning to make my own BB arena, it will be underground, because dwarfs, and the field itself will be paved with flagstones (got dozens of 2.5x2.5cm kitchen tiles in the basement). So I figured why not make the bases in the way I plan to paint the tiles, so they'll stand out less.

I haven't taken any pics of mine. My Orcs are in the middle of a repaint, and my CDs and Chaos have never been fully painted. Once I get my kids playing I will have the motivation to finish them (plus start painting the human and undead teams).

Round bases just look nicer for models that have no facing. Never came up with a satisfactory way of dealing with how bull centaurs should be face-down or face-up.


Cool team, do you plan to keep them on squares? Would be nice with some more close ups. :slight_smile:


Yep, I plan to keep 'em on squares. Will post more close-ups as players get finished. I’ve painted a linemen in the meantime, but haven’t taken any pics of them.


So, been a while, but I’ve done stuff, just not been updating much.

I made a bloodbowl arena this summer. Needs some more work and paint, but it’s playable, and summer’s almost over, so it’ll stay like this for a while.

The field itself consists of 5 pieces that can be taken away, so in the future I can make extra pieces for dungeon bowl.
Beneath the field will be lava, and also in the little pool in the corner. Rest will be covered in plaster or something alike, to make rocks. And behind and partially on top of the dugouts, I plan to make a bar and seats for the audience… some day :slight_smile:


Score/weather board, will be reworked to a single hook for each panel, and a single hole in each panel, because it’s not very easy to handle now.

The core of my skaven team is finished. Made two reserve linemen just before my game wednesday, and they were usefull, but they’re unnamed and unpainted so far.
So here’s The Yellow Fever:

Front line: in blue-yellow: My linemen: Reed, Theiler, Finlay and Aristide
Back line: left to right: Two blitzers in armour: Haemagog and Aedes; 4 gutter runners in brown-yellow: Xekik, Vomitonegro, Sabethes and Lazar; and in red-yellow, my thrower Ikter.

Coach Bilestorm keeps track of the turns, and banner bearers are team rerolls.


Nice Skaven team and WIP stadium! The dugouts and tunnels in particular are great details.


That stadium is crazy! What a wonderful project! Wow. I’ve dreamed of getting myself a bloodbowl stadium for years, but I don’t play the game nearly enough anymore. Very nice work.


Thanks Bloodbeard! So far, I’ve played the game twice with almost a year between the games :slight_smile:


Your yellow is very crisp and popping. How do you paint it?


Thanks, Malorn! I mainly went for bright yellow on the thrower. What I did for him was just Imperial Primer, then Averland Sunset until it’s more or less evenky colored, two layers usually does it for me, then Agrax Earthshade, Averland again, and highlights with Flash Gitz Yellow.

I thought the other players should have a more dirty look, so with them I just did two layers of Averland, then lots of Agrax, and only highlights with Averland again. Does give a good contrast with the browner recesses, but not too bright in itself.


Aarh. Rats. Great “Big” project you’ve got. Good luck with its progress.


Need someone to hate after your team lost the game?

Have a rock but noone to throw it at?

Need someone to stomp into the ground?

Here, have a referee!


So, I guess I owe you a picture of my completed Skaven Team. I just found out I never seem to have taken one, despite having finished it months ago. Something to do soon…

I do have some pics of my Dwarf team in progress: the Vanguard.

2 blitzers and 2 runners have been finished. From left to right: Balin, Bunji, Jari and Iri.

“Led by their pathfinder, Balin, the dwarves landed in the midst of a sea of Ghols and laid waste to them with grenades and satchel charges.”

"…then Cruniac called for the Dwarves… foremost amongst them was Jari, son of Balin and Uni, daughter of the Archon of Stoneheim; strong and wise… unsurpassed in bravery or daring…"

“Iri trekked for three days through Ghol haunted hills, eating as he walked, sleeping between footfalls; he ran for the last 5 hours, traversing the 26 mile wide corpse-filled morass ringing Covenant…”