[Archive] Helcannon from Pyrovore?


What do you think about to do a Hellcannon from this figure?

It is Pyrovore from Tyranids.

Add some horns?.. Hashut rune?.. do him a bull head?.. and something else…

What do you think? do you have any other ideas to convert it?


Yup! the Bull head would be Key! I’d cut off the back flat plates and add more spikey horns and what not… I’d also expand the end of the barrel, making it widen out somewhat… not necessarily blunderbuss widen, just bigger… go for it! and take lots of pics! ha!


Imo this one doesn’t need any big conversions! Is a cool demon in my eyes! :smiley:

Looks great! :hat off

Needs another paint scheme an 3 Crewmen and that’s it! :wink:

Great find! :cheers



DCNSWLF (what a nick to copy… :wink: ) is correct. I’d get rid of the vertical flat plates for horns, chain the daemon to the ground and get a nice bull head (not mandatory).

For sure I’d enlarge the barrel like a huge blunderbuss.

Add 3 crewdwarfs and you have a great hellcannon


Are you thinking about something like this?


Wow, did you do that digitally? I’d say yeah, something like that… :slight_smile:


Yes, chains are perfect :slight_smile:

You need them to keep the demon in place :wink:

I would not be one of the crewdwarfs :wink:


This is amateur use of photoshop :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions. Now I just have to wait until this figure appear in the shop somewhere closer :wink:

Kera foehunter:

wow that will work!!


I’d hoof the feet, change the head nearly completely and change the armour to look a little more metal, less bone.


Replace the head with a bull one, and add a pair of wheels. Then (if you paint the armour plating as metal) it’ll make the perfect Hellcannon.


Great idea, that should work really well :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s because I play Tyranids as well, but seeing a pyrovore is like taking a Space Marine Cybot as Inferno Golem or a SM Terminator as Obsidian Guard. Destroys the fantasy atmosphere for everyone aware of the 40k game. May work for other people though. BTW it is way smaller than a hell canon and already released (last week).


Seeing as a hellcannon can be any size really I wouldn’t say it was too small to be used.  With the ‘warmachine monsters’ it looks like we could get (judging by WoC), it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do all the war machines this way…

If that thing had another cannon or two it would be a good multi barrel hellcannon and definately big enough! :wink:

The biovore thing could be a good death rocket.

They would need all the plates painted as metal, with cogs and things added so they looked equally daemon and machine.


Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

When I buy - I will try :smiley:

But I think of the total change of his head on the bull head. Something like… lammasu?? What do you think?

Dead Kennedy:

I think this totally works as a Chaos Dwarf monster. Never ever thought of a tyranid model in a CD force!

Just for fun, I could see Hashut sending some favoured demon not unlike the pyrovore. Skin with lava running beneath, and an infernal cannon to let it out of the back and in the right direction! Hashut’s demons would be rare and be intimate with fire, and a Hellcannon certainly leaves room for creativity stat-wise. I think if the change is complete enough and holds with the rest of the army’s aesthetic, it can fit in. If your Chaos Dwarfs are vintage big-hats it will look like it’s from space.

For bindings, how about enormous Blanka-style bracelets with runes. A big collar with chains into the ground in an inverted V shape could look good too.

Converting this bad boy into a machine would be a crazy challenge! Converting a Juggernaut of Khorne would be quicker.