[Archive] Hellcannon alternatives


I love the rules for the hellcannon and i really want to use one, But I hate the current mini, It’s a great sculpt but I want something a bit different.

I was wondering is there any alternatives you have seen that can be used as a hellcannon.

Im looking for a big mech walker thing with a giant cannon or something like that, Still chaos dwarfy.

I have the hellcannon crew ( dont know why ) So crew isn’t an issue.


You could always convert a Defiler, expanding the cannon in it’s chest and giving it a CD head. Then you could have the claw loading bodies into the cannon, or something like that. It’s large enough to build a gantry round the ‘turret’ for the crew to stand on and you could probably do a quite nice furnace at the back using some greenstuff and zombies (their loose flesh could easily look like burn damage).

I was going to do something similar, but haven’t been able to get hold of a defiler yet. I think it would work fairly well.


Well i just found this, Do you think it’s to sci-fi?

It meets all i want, Big evil and ummm daemony.


You could always tone-down the sci-fi bit with some putty.


The the “Kollossus” thing is made by Scotia Grendel as part of their Leviathan range (it’s a post apocalyptic fantasy game).

Tjub had made a conversion which you can see here at the Kollossus gallery thread - sadly not painted!

By the way Scotia Grendel produce other cool stuff which you can also use as a Hellcannon!



Have a look at the Ogre kingdoms iron-blaster, I reckon the cannon from it has a lot of potential. Once I get my other projects sorted I plan to use it and go for a more mutated living cannon with it growing out of a demons back. If the rhinox was bigger would try and use it but am tempted by using this cannon and the legs from a defiler


The plan is build a new version later on, not out of Scotia Grendel though.


Or if your looking for something a little different and you wouldn’t mind waiting a little bit Scribor miniatures, which I absolutly love by the way, has something down the line that you could use…

heres the link…


Artillry on gaint snails anyone!!!

Anyways Scribor is pretty good about putting out new minis fairly frequently and it looks like ther Moscals (their version of the CD) will be getting some artillary pretty soon seeing as they have a fully sculpted artillry crew in the greens stage…

So just some thoughts…



Scotia grendel also make a pretty awesome dwarven mortar too


Found this on EBAY this morning; You would need to build a chassis around it, but the cannon itself is pretty wild…



Found this on EBAY this morning; You would need to build a chassis around it, but the cannon itself is pretty wild...


This awesome rackham dwarf cannon cahriot thingie.


Im really thinking of using this.

From Grendel, I want to go for a more TECH approach and I think it suits want I want to go for.

1. Is it big enough 2. Does it suit chaos dwarfs?


Could be cool for a more high tech theme…


I personally like the Grendel stuff a lot! :smiley:

With the appropriate paint scheme it will suit properly for CDs! :cheers



Is there anywhere we can see pictures of all the War Golems? I need to see the different variants before I make my purchase!