[Archive] Hellcannon Cardboard Replica by Emangameplay


Found on Imgur via a Google search for Hellcannons. Very nice results. Sure, it’s only cardboard, but the same principle would be doable in, say, plasticard for a real conversion thirsting for a paintjob:


I wholeheartedly approve!

Any indication if that was the end, it looks a little unfinished.

Ghrask Dragh:

Great base to build upon, looks great considering the price difference :slight_smile:


Sure its impressive work, but the whole make-it-with-paper-thing doesn’t make any sense to me… :confused:

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Baahahahahah! I love it!!


Very nicely done!. I have found these take alot of patience but the results can be well worth it.  I made a few paper/chipboard models before I switched to plasticard.  It was the ultimate durability and easier cuts (ie score and break versus numerous multiple passes to cut the board) that won me over fully to styrene.


As someone who has done a ton of scratch builds from my Space Marines to my chaos Dwarfs I love this. This is one of the most under-appreciated areas of the entire hobby in my opinion.


Nice build. Is it going to be painted and or have some of those details like on the wheels raised with card or greenstuff etc? Looks good so far at any rate.


I like it. Great work capturing the shape of things.