[Archive] Hellcannon crew


So I was browsing around bugmans earlier and noticed a topic about shooting at a salamander because of the monster with handler rules.

Since the Hellcannon is a monster are the dwarf crew considered monster handlers?

And if so, they would fall under the rules of them getting hit with template weapons etc?

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Yes, as per WoC-FAQ the hellcannon is treated as monster with handlers…
as with the template issue I’d follow the sencence in the BRB “the handlers are ignored for most gaming purposes” → so only 1 hit by templates (IMHO)


Thommy H:

As per the book they’re considered Monster and Handlers (the only difference is that the wording of the rule was changed for 8th).


So how would wounds on the hellcannon work, it would hit the cannon and then the wounds you would roll 1-4 hellcannon 5-6 handlers correct?

Thommy H:

It follows the Monsters and Handlers rule in the rulebook.


I’ll have to check the book when I get home from work.