[Archive] Hellfire Cannon


I don’t remember seeing any rules for the Hellfire Cannon, at least not recently, so I figured I’d have a go.

I think I’ve managed to make something that represents a really chaotic cluster bomb style indirect fire weapon, which is what I was aiming for.  Potentially quite deadly, potentially not so great at all…

Hellfire Cannon

The Hellfire Cannon fires as a stone thrower, but with the following exceptions:

Instead of using the small template it uses the large template.  If multiple units are hit, split the total number of hits as evenly as possible between them. 

Before working out the number of hits, nominate how many times you will be shooting.  If you roll a misfire with the artillery dice, add +1 for each additional shot you nominated the warmachine would have made, after the first and consult the Chaos Dwarf warmachine misfire table (needed).

If it shoots once it generates D6 S4 hits,

Twice 2D6 S4.  -1 Armour Piercing,

Three times 3D6 S4.  -2 Armour Piercing

Hits are treated as Flaming Attacks.

Thommy H:

The way the template is used is quite confusing. I see the logic, because you want to have it do a variable number of hits to the target unit instead of just hitting anything under the pie plate, but stone throwers don’t work without a template (because you’d never hit anything with just the target point determining who gets hit). The thing is though, the templates are already supposed to represent exactly the effect you’re describing - i.e. killing a random selection of targets indiscriminately.

Plus being able to hit multiple units is quite powerful.


I will just take out that line, as I think it isn’t needed at all.

Being able to hit multiple units with a relatively low strength, highly unreliable warmachine is not really too powerful for special choice imo.

The downside is that the range of hits is so great how would I price this?  Also the misfire table would have to be pretty damn harsh in order to make people think twice about how many times they shoot it.

I did consider using 3 small templates actually, making each one scatter, but that seems even more unreliable.