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Hello everyone!

I just recently stumbled upon this site, and got hooked! I am new to the world of wargaming. I just started WHFB with Wood Elves 4 months ago and I am interested in getting a 2nd army. Hashut be praised, I WANT CDs! hehehe

So, any ideas where I to start? The first step of downloading the pdf has already been done. As for the fluff, I haven’t read anything regarding chaos dwarves.

Can I post a coupla questions?

1. What are Hats and Masks creeds for?

2. Is it highly recommended to have O&G units in a CD armylist?

Awesome site, Awesome CDs! Hope to spread the word of the CDs soon. :slight_smile:

To all: Halloo from NYC.



hats and masks are 2 different styles of dress for chaos dwarfs. Neither are better than the other, its personal preference all the way.

I wouldnt say O&G was highly recommended, just depends what u like. We always have hobgoblins . . .

If you click on the bit at the top of this that says wiki i think there is lots of fluff floating about. Of course you must have some idea about them to have even searched us out :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t say it was highly recommended to have O&G units. Orcs are good value for points and pretty versatile, Goblins aren’t but you can use Hobgoblins instead of them anyway. Black Orcs may be good but they are a little pricey.


Arrer boyz are great if you’re not looking to fill your special slots with war machines, they’re also good at protecting war machines.

Goblins are a waste of points IMO.


Welcome indeed! Check out the Wiki for sure!


1. What are Hats and Masks creeds for?

Hats date back to a time when Games Workshop had a sense of humour.��Masks reflect the newer darker image of the CDs that GW seem to be leaning towards.��There is no real difference between them in terms of caste or social status, it is simply a stylistic change in the miniatures themselves.
2. Is it *highly* recommended to have O&G units in a CD armylist?

I don't have any in mine (simply because I prefer the Dwarf miniatures).��Having some Hobgoblins for baiting and fleeing and a bolt thrower (or two) is certainly handy though ;)
The main reason for Greenskins from a background point of view is that Chaos Dwarfs are not a numerous race.��They use Greenskin slaves to bulk out their armies, work in the factories to produce their weapons and be sacrificed to Hashut.

I would think most CD armies would have some Greenskins in them.


Thanks for the welcome guys.

Where would you recommend starting modelling my CDs?

I don’t want to have to buy the Skull Pass box. What box do you think I should get?


You could just get some normal dwarf warriors, it is just that the Skull Pass box gets you so many dwarfs for so little even if you don’t use the gobbos.


Miners! Plastic miners are ideal for Chaos Dwarf Warriors, and Thunderers make for good Blunderbussers!


I’d go with Xander, have a look through the conversion section and see what ideas you can nick


Wow! Awesome conversions Xander! The BfSP is a cheap alternative. Hmm, I might actually go that route. Btw, does the BfSP box have miners and thunderers? :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help you guys. This site really got me going on CDs now! Heheh

The Flying Beaver:

The BFSP box has warriors, thunderers, miners, a slayer hero, a thane and a cannon. For the goblins it has lots of spearmen and archers, a big boss, a shaman, a troll and spider riders.

Welcome to the forum Blackforge!


what the BFSP box actually has is 12 CD warriors with and weapons and shields, 8 with great weapons, 10 with blunderbusses, sorcerers or heroes, and a load of hobgoblins. Of course this is after you have been at them with the green stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


[[BfSP]] is a great starting place! But it probably takes a bit less work with Boxed Units, as they are multipose and have many parts.