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Ghrask Dragh:

I have this guy…

…I’m painting him up for a competition and have no idea how to base him! I’m not very 40k minded and really struggle with these sort of ideas, so please help! I’ve had a look around and can’t really find anything useful, so was wondering if anyone had any ideas, knows of any tutorials or has any good pics for reference?



For 40K :slight_smile: - try this. One of the best compilations I know of.

And have you look at Brushthralls.com - some nice ones for Warmachine (and 40K).

Sadly I couldn’t find a good one solving my basing problem - hope you’ll succeed!


You have to try and imagine what type of setting you’d find this guy in. For myself personally I can’t see him strutting through a nice woodland scene. A spacehulk, a deathworld??

I honestly think a well executed effect on his standard base will look much better than a ‘big base’

Ghrask Dragh:

Great stuff there clam, thanks alot! (I have brushthralls bookmarked :rolleyes:) there are some good pics on Warseer too, still not sure though. If I find a way to solve your basing problem I’ll post it straight away, I promise!


Hey Narflung! I’m undecided right now whether to put him in a warzone city-scape or full on chaos deamon-like world with lots of spikes and lava all over the place, kind of like a deathworld. I might put him on his normal size base (the one in the pic) and put both on a rould plinth sort of thing, maybe with some of the basing running off the base to the plinth which I have never done and seems to be the style of things these days (in spain anyway!)



I’m big on the WW1 themed bases so: barbed wire, mud and broken fortifications? Perhaps a bombed out trench system feel - as though he’s about to climb into the trench and walking through the razor wire on top of it. Or just after charging the occupants of a machine gun nest, standing victorious atop the crew of the gun…


Pyro Stick:

You might be able to find soemthing good here:

Foundations of War