[Archive] Help choose a Hobgoblin


That looks like a nice sneaky git hobgoblin. How is the size compared to a dwarf?

Pretty spot on


Nice, indeed spot on. That’s just awesome!

Da Crusha:

silentbob27: I really like that you were able to cast the sneaky git head really well. it’s a good idea and looks really great! Here take 5 slaves to help with your evil doing.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

It could just be the picture but it looks like you used different feet than the Plague Monk, no?


Sweet. Thanks for the slaves! I can now start up furnace #2.

The feet are the plague monk feet. In this case, since I was doing so many, I wanted fast and easy. The PM body and arms fit the bill.

BTW, sorry about the thread hijack.


If you ask me, I’ll also say:‘use Skavens’!. Skavens are the best base for doing hobgoblin models (IMO). Like ‘silentbob27’ I’ve also used plague monks/pack master bodies as base. Not painted yet - but looks like this:

And Tjub has just convinced me, that I’ll be needing some clan rats as well :smiley:

If you are gonna stay with you current concept - I vote for Zombie version.