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Due to my computer having a problem with the GW website - don’t we all - I can’t seem to download the bitz catalogue. Can anyone tell me if I can still order plastic dark elf Cold Ones to the UK, their price and the order code? Also are there any specific procedures I have to go through now to order bitz since the mail order changes? Much appreciated



Dont think its just you. Bits are undergoing the massive change as you well know. The US site isn’t in much better shape. I’m also suprised they have had if off line as it were. So unfortunately it seems to be a hurry up and wait situation right now…


Its not in the bitz catalogue (I downloaded it 29th january). Perhaps try phoning GW direct and ask for the code?


or going in a GW store


or going in a GW store

I try to avoid that when possible. Whereas my gamer friends are normal guys and gals who are in to Warhammer, a lot of the people who hang around in my local store are a nightmare. You all know the type...
Perhaps try phoning GW direct and ask for the code?

Not a bad plan, its the price more than anything really. I wanna try some Dragon Ogre conversions, but I've got a massive backlog of painting to do so I'll probablly hold off ordering for now