[Archive] Help to name my CD force ;) - Think I found it - what do you think?


I want a name to my CD army, and as the headline say, I need help to find a nice one.

It would be cool if you guys could help me out here. I am not a big history reader about the armies I play (DE and CD), but a having a named army gives it some more fluff. I understand if your not interested or you don’t care to help out, but it would be cool if some did :).

I thought maybe I could make a poll if I got some suggestion in.

Now it out there, lets see what happens;):wink:


Drazhoath’s Firesmiths? Red Enslavers? Fiery Conquerors? The Forsaken Kindred? The Bloodied Bulls? Blacksmiths of Chaos? Nizurpal’s Gloweyes? Handukri’s Ironwrights? Forgemasters of Hell? Gatekeepers of the Black Fortress? The Cursed Garrison? Fallen Flameguards? Hammers of Hashut? The Ashen Raiders? Heinous Plunderers? Eyes of the Depths? Axes of Mazurdrak? Black Oppressors? Overlords of the Molten Depths? The Heartless Host? Servants of the Holy Furnace? Minions of the Cracked Anvil?

Goltor Lintrepide:

Call it «The Legion of …» and then find something cool like «the lands of ashes» or «the river of fire» and translate it in turkish, persian, arabic, kazakh or any langage from the countries that the Dark Lands represent in the warhammer world and voilà! You just get yourself a cool name for the place your Legion is from.


Tnx guys, and wow Admiral, it just came poring out :wink:


“Yodrins Yodellers”!! Lull all your enemies into a false sense of security by letting them laugh at you.

Fuggit Khan:

Lots of great names here for a Chaos Dwarf army…and as luck would have it, lots of great names here as well if you decide to start a garage speed metal band :cheers

well, okay, ‘Yodrins Yodellers’ might have to be a country music band?


Or a folk metal band from the Alps. Nothing as metal as edelweis.


Tnx again guys;). I should be able to find/combine a nice name among these:)


"The Forsaken Immortals"

Hows that sound?


It’s a cool enough name, but for those into CD lore its basically saying ‘forsaken elite’.  Which is an intriguing premise for starting an army fluffwise.

If it wasn’t 40k themed I think legion of the damned would be a cool name. Legion of the Forsaken perhaps.


Drop the “the”. Sounds better that way.

Stubborn castellan looking at his army and yells:

"What are we?!"

And the angry warriors reply:

“We are Forsaken Immortals!”

I’m not a grammar expert. But being Forsaken Immortals is something you are. Because at some point they were forsaken. Makes for a great story.

The Forsaken Immortals sound like a name someone took. "We newd a cool name. How about?"

The Forsaken Immortals sounds like a band name to me.

Hope you get my point. It’s clear in my brain anyways.