[Archive] Help vs ogres/for new player


I played my first game with chaos dwarves today vs ogres.

It didn’t go too bad, but it felt like I really didn’t have much to use against him. His high toughness meant that, with deathshrieker i was using the rockets, because the template would have been useless. His cannons killed my magma cannon and helcannon before i got to shoot them, so perhaps they would have done better.

The blunderbusses did ok, i think i would have won if i hadnt forgot i had hatred when he charged me.

I was wondering what i did wrong, i didnt feel particular effective vs him, at least i felt like my warmachines should have done something… But they kind of did nothing. Can blunderbusses move and shoot? 12" feels so short. Also, 20 have to fire, but with my bsb and lord in the squad, and ranks of 10, only 18 were able to fire, should i have ranked them 11 ?

Also to note i was trying to take a balanced list, not a complete ogre killer… does my list have massive weaknesses, or are ogres just a hard match for chaos dwarves?

Any advice where i went wrong would be much appreciated :smiley:

I took:

Sorcerer-propet, enchanted shield, talisman of pres. Lore of hashut, blood of hashut

Daemonsmith, lore of fire
Hobgoblin khan
Castellon, mask of furnace, gw

27 blunderbuss infernal guard, fc
10 fireglaive infernal guard, fc

5 Wolf raiders
5 Wolf raiders
Magma cannon



As long as your Castellan is in the blunderbuss unit feel free to make them as wide as you like as they will remain stubborn if the bsb is not killed. You can then combat reform and have at the enemy.

Yes Hailshot Blunderbusses are move and shoot so feel free if you need too.

Unless you are going to bring 2 Hellcannons i would say drop it and find the points for a Destroyer or a unit of Fireborn.

I do not think wolf riders are worth it unless they are escorting Bull Centaurs (keeps them from taking animosity tests).

Death Shriekers are nice but i think another magma cannon will really shine for you. Otherwise have your Sorcerer-Prophet take lore of fire to increase your chances of getting Ruby Sword of Rhuin or Fulminating Fire Cage. The former to increase your deathshriekers ability to cause damage, the latter to pin a unit in place/have your opponent throw away dispel dice. Other wise go for double Magma Cannons they will put a hurtin’ on Ogres.

I would drop the small fireglaive unit for Hobgoblin Cutthroats either with extra hand weapons or bows.

Have yet to use Khans, but is seems you want to go 2+ or none at all.

Hope my two cents helps and best of chance in your upcoming battles.