[Archive] Help Willmark decide


Thanks to my buddy Clam I’ll have a cool Pulper sculpted sorceror coming my way. Now because I have 2 sorcerors already I’m wondering what I should paint him as in terms of Lores, this could be cool as the sorceor has a huge cloak to paint, I.e the cloak means a large canvas to paint.

Poll to run 10 days. Perhaps like my blunderbuss poll (back in February) I’ll award slaves to all those who pick the “winning” choice.

zorn sabretooth:

why is willmark talking in 3rd person zorn is confused horray for the lore of metal


soooo, does “shadow” mean… black and grey?

I like shiny things, I choose metal! or rather, Sojourn chooses metal, because apparently there is a requirement to speak in the 3rd person.

Ancient History:

Chaos Dwarfs are frickin’ metal.

It’s also my favorite lore. :smiley:


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

He is perfect as a dark master - so shadow it must be.


CD are metal… METAL… METAL!!!

but fire is pretty good too…

never used shadow or death so…

Pyro Stick:

Im going to go with shadow because of his massive cloak. Big cloaks seem to suggest shadow.


Cr*p, I wanted to vote for Shadow but clicked Death instead. I see the model as some sort of creepy sinister stalker with the cloak wrapped around him. Moving silently through the council of Sorcerers and all, observing and plotting…


By the way this is for opinions. I haven’t decided if the results are binding…

Knight Of Awsome:

I voted for metal because of his mask that he wearers provided that is the model that were talking about (or my vote will not count):


That is indeed the model in question.


Has to be Death, with that cloak you can go to town on the iconography. Needs to be subtle though not in your face.


he definitly looks like an evil creature of the night.

Wiz vote shadow!!


i vote metal because of the armor

Father Grumpmas:

Grumpmas want metal


Yeah have to say that that is one shadowy mini, so shadow got my vote. But metal is never wrong for a chaos dwarf


Shadow, that model just wants a dark cloak.


Dananananananana dananananananana BAT DWARF! Got to be shadow mate


The caped enslaver, shadow or bust


argh what happened there i was going to vote for metal and ended up voting for shadow:rolleyes:.A nice figure with plenty of scope for a goood colourscheme:hat