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Hi Guys,

I came back to Chaos Dwarves after a 6 years long hiatus, glad to see that the forum is still there! :cheers

I’m trying to understand if Age of Sigmar is the right choise for playing my models and after a couple of small fights some friends suggested to get in the ring with a 2000 pts army. This is what I’ve got available at the moment between Big Hats and Forge world to use a Legion Of Azgorh. Could you please tell me if my plan make sense?

-Lammasu > no way to use it :mad

-Great Bull > might use it as The Ashen but it’s not cool to me

-1 wizard and 1 deamonsmith > 2 daemonsmith

-30 bigh hat axemen > infernal guard ironsworn

-30 forge world axemen > infernal guard ironsworn

-20 blunderbusses >  fireglaves

-4 old centaurs >  bull centaur renders

-1 old centaur standard bearer > 1 bull centaur taur’ruk

-1 death rocket > 1 deathshrieker rocket

-1 earthshaker > 1 magma cannon

-1 hellcannon > ???

What else could I add to make 2k points? I’m not interested in buying forge world war machines, but I would really like to add some missing big Hats figures, centaurs and axmen basically (I’ll make a post on the market palce section).

maybe I should add some allies?

Thank you everyone :cheers:cheers

Thommy H:

Okay, so most of your substitutions make sense, but here’s how I’d adapt a collection like yours:

Lammasu and Great Taurus: there are rules for unridden versions in the Warriors of Chaos legacy rules. You can find them here. Technically you can’t use them in a Legion of Azgorh army, but if you go with Chaos allegiance they’ll work. I’d probably just pick whichever one of these you like best and field it as Drazhoath the Ashen though, really.

Bull Centaurs: you might want to rebase these as the old versions are much, much smaller than the Renders (they’re basically Great Taurus sized).

Hellcannon: Rules in the WoC link above! Again, tricky with matched play allegiances.

Earthshaker: Use it as a Dreadquake Mortar rather than a Magma Cannon. It won’t have an ogor but don’t worry too much about that.

Basically, the big advantage you have is that the LoA list has some pretty limited options, so there’s only so many different things your units can be. There aren’t any greataxe Infernal Guard, but you can just use the big hats as Infernal Ironsworn because that’s the closest you can get. Basically go infantry heavy and you can’t go too far wrong.

Good luck!


Thank you so much Thommy!

You gave me great news about Lammsu and the Taurus, I love these models and so, I’ll try them as allied as you suggested; same goes for the Hellcannon.

Regarding the Bull Centaurs, I tought about rebasing them when I had a look at FW website but I tought to keep them on their original base and print something 3d that could fill the tiny base and make them suitable for gamplay. I won’t find time for this for sure and…I’ll end up make some cardboard ones.

great for Dreadquake mortar too…the ogre was my major concern

Thank you for your suggestion and my compliments for your great models (I had a look at your links), amazing work!


Good start Moloch :slight_smile: We are in a realy good spot with aos 2.0

I have to add that Lammasu and the Great Taurus belong to the Monster of Chaos now (just as the Siege Giant) and we may ally them into our armies! There are not great, but especially the lammasu might have his spot in some lists. I always loved those for the nostalgic chaos dwarf feeling and am using them from time to time.

The Hellcannon is another story of course. Usually most enemies wont care if you field it as ally aswell, because its crew are chaos dwarves and everyone will understand how sadly GW traded it in the course of updating warscrolls and compiendium armies.

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

Welcome back!

You will need something to cap objectives and work as an assault element in your army. I can recommend a block of 12 Kaad’ai. They fly, 5 attacks each, 5+ save with no rend, d3 damage, 3" reach so everyone gets into combat, they can run and charge… best assault unit we have. Add in an ally chaos sorcerer lord for reroll 1’s for save, hit, wound (daemonic power)… then you need a general. Get yourself a Taur’ak. Add in grotesque for -1 to hit and then the armour of Bazza the Cruel for a 5++, use Oracular visions from the sorcerer to refill 1’s to save. Trust me, these guys are brutal and you will need them…


Thank you all Guys!

ok, I’ll try some Kaad’ai even if they’re pretty expensive on FW website…and they don’t look that cool.


Thank you all Guys!

ok, I'll try some Kaad'ai even if they're pretty expensive on FW website..and they don't look that cool.

Well are you playing at a tournament or another "official" place? Because if not, then maybe you should first proxy them with something else, see if you like them in a game, before you invest that much in the FW models. And if you actually do like them but the FW models are too expensive, you can always try and convert them or find alternative models.


I avoid FW models whenever feasible, the cost is just too darned high for what you’re getting. I used Reaper’s Large Fire Elementals as proxies for my K’daii. To be honest, I’m less than impressed with my K’daii to date, so I’ve swapped in Skin Wolves, which I just use Reaper Bones Werewolves to fill in for those hideously expensive FW models.


The 9th age is also worth a go as it has rules for all our dudes.

Good luck

Bronze Bull:

My Iron Daemon is the Steam Tank from the old Mage Knight range. It looks way more impressive than the actual Iron Daemon. The only downside is its a larger model and able to be hit easier, but I don’t care. I enjoy it. :slight_smile: