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Time of Madness:

Well back before GW changed up the paint colours/pots I wrote down my favourite receipe for painting red armour.

Crimson Gore

Ruby Red

Blood Red

Does anyone have any idea what crimson gore and ruby red would translate to now? I’m assuming scab red and red gore would be fairly close?

Time of Madness

Pyro Stick:

Im guessing crimson gore and ruby red are old versions of scab red and red gore but instead of using those colours i would use Mechrite Red and Blood Red.

Time of Madness:

Thanks Pyro,

I don’t own any mechrite red at the moment, but next trip to the store I’ll pick some up.

Time of Madness


Just remember the mechrite is a foundation paint, so it has a different consistence than the old citadel paints.

Personally I use P3 bloodstone, Scab Red, Blood Red and, depending from the saturation, VMC Hull Red.

Hope this helps.


mechrite is the darkest tone, then scab red, red gore, blood red follow in shades.
scab and gore really are close together. I like gore a bit more, it looks more lively.

Time of Madness:

Thanks for the help. I’ll pick some mechrite up and check it out.

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I had to add that just in case you water your mixes down. Foundation paints are black pigment based and will make your mix go dark and sometimes even gross if you add too much water. I had to add this because I’ve made the mistake myself.

Lord maklai:

You could use the latest masterclass for painting red it has an amazingly good red Armour masterclass tutorial in the newest WD

Time of Madness:

Any idea on the colour combinations for that? I don’t get white dwarf anymore (haven’t since issue 302).

Time of Madness


1.) Foundation paints have more pigments and cover better than normal Citadel paints, so are good as a base colour, esp. important for red and yellow.

2.) Coat d’arms sells all the old Citadel colours under their original name:


Ruby Red= #145

Can’t find Crimson Gore, maybe it’s “Ink Wash Red” (138)? Maybe try the current red wash “Baal Red”.