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I am planning on converting a Kollossus from the new ork Deff Dread i have all the bits i need to do this and the model should be here by the end of the week, i am just wondering what arms to go for, i am going to have two huge arms on the top with claws its just what to do with the next set i can chose to have weapons or another set of arms?

here is a link to the model on the gw site


the first image is the one with 4 arms modeled on and the other pics show the weapons that can go on the lower part of body.

So i though i would put it to the vote to see what people think, as ever one at my local gaming club is split on the descion which is not helping :~


I would actually go for 2 arms only first and see how it looks. How are you planning to do the front of the torso to make it more CD themed?


I have the big skull head from the hell cannon that i am going to put on the front with a dwarf cannon mouth coming out of it, and i have a spare master gunner model from the origanl earth shaker that i am going to put coming out of the top hatch :slight_smile:


are you going to mount flammers( and dwarf operators) on the shoulder pads or were going to have the guns represent that?


I’d do two flamers, and two Claws.


@ Alfract I was going to have the guns represent the dwarfs, i sort of want it to be a like a tank with a commander poking out the top directing, and driver / gunner in the hull working the rest of it.

@ Joshmohr I cant believe it but they only put 1 flamer in the set, i mean who wants 1 flamer, there are 2 shooters 2 rockets and 2 other guns but only 1 flamer :frowning:


@ Alfract I was going to have the guns represent the dwarfs, i sort of want it to be a like a tank with a commander poking out the top directing, and driver / gunner in the hull working the rest of it.

thats cool, this is going to a be a rather nice build, with the Ork Dread it seems that most of the stuff is there. it'll be probly a little easier to how i built mine.

Any thoughts on how your going to make in fantasy-ish, are you thinking about adding some cogs and trying to get rid of the 40k cabling?


Sounds awesome. :slight_smile:

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@ Alfract, I am not going to use and buzz saws for a start as i they are not very CD like which is a shame as i really like buzz saws on models as i think they look cool, so i am going to have to stick with claws, i will most likely remove most of the cables and bits but i will leave some on for effect, i will of course have to remove all the ork bits.

I have nearly a whole hell cannon in my bits box the only bits that�?Ts missing is he gun its self so i have loads of extra wheels and bits that i will use as cogs, i am also going to have it smashing through the kings wall from the BFSP set and if i can model it have it with one of its feet crushing one of the dwarf stone heads stone from the wall :slight_smile:

@ Xander many thanks i will be sure to post pics of my work in progress on my army blog and when its complete on the show case section :slight_smile:


I’ve been thinking about this model too Loki, Im curious to see how it will turn out! :slight_smile:


I hope that it will be here by the week end so that i can convert in on Saturday and get some pics up on the site, so keep an eye out :slight_smile:


sounds interesting,but isn´t it be a little bit small to be a kollossus?

(if so,it´ll still make a cool daemoneater :wink: )


Cool, the new Bot of the orcs are pretty nice. I wonder how the result will look like, I don’t know if the Deff Dread is maybo too high tec for a fantasy game. I’d like to make a Killa Can to a unit filler, but I don’t know for what unit :slight_smile:

Well, the Deff Dread is definately big enough for a Colossus. I vote for two arms, but I don’t know about shoting stuff, maybo only on the top of the tower.


I’m not sure about this mini for a Kollossus - like Snotling always mentioned it could be much too HighTec!

But I’m eager to see the result of your efforts!

Will you create a kind of BigHat Kollossus or more a “neutral” one?



@ Hazkar I am not sure if there is a certain size that the Kollossus is meant to be, i plan on writing a indy GT list so i will have to see what works better a Kollossus or a daemoneater and use it as that but at the moment the plan is to use it as a Kollossus :slight_smile:

@ Snotling and Zanko I was first worried about it being to high tech, but then i thought about all the other high tech things in the warhammer world, you have the steam tank , the dwarf airships , gyro chopper , the giant under ground dwarf train that runs the length of the worlds edge mountain. when looking at these i think its inline with them as dwarfs don�?Tt trust new things and rarely develop new things and chaos dwarfs don�?Tt seem to have this stuck in the mud thing with technology like the western kin so they are free to build what they like and experiment.

I wont have a big hat on the Kollossus its self but the master gunner coming out of the top hatch will have a big hat on :slight_smile:


Hey you could use the buzz saws as part of a deamoneater ! wouldnt that be cool ?


@ Thorne very good idea i will have to hang on to them and see what else i can convert :slight_smile:


I vote for 2 arms, a flamer on one of his shoulders and a converted shooter or something which, with a little bit of converting, might resemble a flamer on the other one. Sounds interesting, show us pics soon =]

EDIT: and dont forget to take WIPs =]


maybe you could it just with the lower arms and do some weapon platforms insteadn of the upper pnes

btw i´ve seen a pic of the deff dread next to some orc boyz and he looks pretty big,definately some kollossus material


Once i have got the basic structure built i will use blue tac to pose it with different weapons and see how it looks, and i will course be posting wip on my army blog :slight_smile: