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Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

I played my dad today and I have to say he completely slaughtered me. I have declared a grudgematch against him, my list is a the bottom, I need help on choosing what to buy with the other points.

His list was this

Runesmith with rune of stone

19 warriors (fc and shields)

10 thunderers (shields)


1 bolt thrower with engineers and rune of burning

My list was pure night goblins.

Night Goblin Big Boss: Ugbrag’s Lucky Shield, Wollopa’s One HiT Wunda,light armor, and shield (44 points)

Night Goblin Big Boss: Guff’s Flag: 80 points


25 night goblins: spears, shields, and full command (95 points)

20 night goblins: short bows, banner musician (72 points)

10 spider riders: musician, bows, and spears.


Doom Diver: 80 points

Night Goblin Turn 1

All my units passed their animosity rolls, all units advance except doom diver. Shooting saw me guess 30 inches toward his warriors, I miss by a long shot.

Dwarf Turn 1

His warriors advance, Then his bolt thrower shoots at my battle standard, he hits shockingly and then he empties all his thunderers at my battle standard too. My battle standard is wiped out obviously.

Night Goblin Turn 2

All units pass animosity tests.

My big boss moves behind the archers for cover, while the spider riders move toward the thunderers with night goblin spearmen as back up. Archers manage to kill a single dwarf warrior. The doom diver misses the warriors again.

Dwarf Turn 2

Dwarf warriors move closer to the archers, while the thunderers kill of four of my spider riders and the bolt thrower kills one. Spider riders pass leadership test luckily.

Night Goblin Turn 3

All animosity tests are passed.

My spider riders charge his thunderers while the night goblin spearmen move up closer trying to get to the bolt thrower. My archers shoot at the warriors again, killing one more. Doom diver succesfully shoots and hits the bolt thrower, slaughtering all four crewmen. The thunderers stand and shoot at the spiders, slaughtering them before they even come in combat.

Dwarf Turn 3

Warriors charge my archers, archers stand and shoot, however my wimpy goblins were bad shots, they killed none. Thunderers shoot at spearmen, killing seven. Onto combat, the warriors, along with the runesmith dished out seven attacks, hitting with five and killing with five. My archers attack back and kill, you guessed it none.

My archers flee a record eighteen inches off the table. Dwarfs do not pursue.

Night Goblin Turn 4

All animosity tests are passed.

Spearmen charge thunderers, doom diver scores a hit against the warriors, slaughtering six of them. Spearmen kill three of the thunderers, only to lose two of their own. The thunderers hold.

Dwarf Turn 4

Warriors charge my big boss and slaughter him. The spearmen kill no dwarfs this round and flee only to be overrun.

Night Goblin Turn 5

Doom diver misfires and blows its self up. That’s it for the night goblins we were massacred.

I’m getting in another game against him next saturday and I’m bringing my badass chaos dwarfs.

His list will be this

Thane: shield and rune of fury. (117 points)


20 longbeards: shields, full command (240 points)

10 warriors: great weapons (110 points)


19 ironbreakers: full command (247 points)

Bolt thrower: engineer (60 points)

Total: 749 points

I was thinking of something like this

Chaos Dwarf Hero: Armour of the Furnace


20 hobgoblins: light armor and shield: 80 points

20 hobgoblins: light armor and shield: 80 points

20 hobgoblins: light armor and shield: 80 points

19 chaos dwarf warriors: 171 points

10 chaos dwarf blunderblussers: 120 points


0_0 night goblin army with no fanatics. now that would just be weird xD jk

well with the last points i would get three bolt throwers. that way they won’t misfire and when they hit it will really hurt. with the couple of last points just add to your hobgoblins.